Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Good morning....I have to say this is my favorite time of year. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming and it's gardening time. With the summer fun comes "Fair Time"...yes entering your most valuable possessions...."Your Quilts". If you're like me, you've worked hard at designing it, picking out just the right fabric and maybe even changing it around a time tor two. Maybe I am speaking for myself but when I go and see a "participant ribbon" hanging on my most "precious quilt" and not my "blue ribbon"...well let's just say it's going to be a long evening :-) When I was a 4-H leader I taught the kids it's not what ribbon you get it's how you enjoyed your project and what you've learned while doing so, it's making memories as I love to say. But, I have to say as an adult that has changed :-) So when I received this email with this wonderful tip I could not wait to share it! As you read the tips you may already be doing some of them...."I know I do" :-)
Anyway, lots of tips came in so I'm in the process of getting them together but had to get this one out!
As always, thanks for sending in tips!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
email tips:

Step 1...BURN THE REJECTION NOTICE..."safely of course" it into tiny pieces!

Step 2...HAVE A DAY OF MOURNING...remember all the fun you had making your "prize       

Step 3...HAVE A GOOD CRY...use some of your scraps to wipe the tears!

Step 4...GET A might say..."I love my quilts"....but remember what tattoos look like   as we make it LARGE :-)


Step 6...WRITE A TUNE OF my case I've already made everyone around me mad cause I'm in a bad mood...they surely don't need me singing...but try it anyway :-)

Step 7...EAT explanation there!!!!

Step 8...COMPLAIN TO YOUR FRIENDS...make audacious claims of incompetence in the quilt-judging system...none of us ever do that :-)


Step 10...BUY THE QUILT SHOW...if you own the quilt show you can have your quilts on display all the time....I would always hand out "BLUE PARTICIPANT RIBBONS" :-)

Step 11...HANG THE REJECTED QUILT IN A PROMINENT SPOT...kiss is every morning, pat it on the binding, and tell it how beautiful it is! Love this one!

Step 12....MAKE A NEW QUILT :-)
After all....if we've done all these steps we should feel "refreshed" to start our next design! :-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Making Memories one Mile at a Time"

Hey quilters....recently went on a "road trip" with my in laws and wanted to bring something interesting for mom and I to do. We are both quilters so I figured she might take some projects to work on. Sometimes I tend to "talk a lot" so I thought this trip I would sit back and enjoy the countryside and give my hubby a break. While packing I thought this is the time to break out all those quilt magazines that Mom has been saving. That's right Quilt magazines that dated from the 80's. As we sat in the back and passed the magazines it was nice to hear stories of how some of her friends had made certain quilt designs from the magazines. How she remembered certain "quilt vests" that she had made to wear to quilt shows. How quilt designs/patterns have changed. Quilt techniques are more advanced especially with all our "time saving techniques". Now technology has made designing quilts so wonderful with EQ7 etc. I personally, when learning to quilt would have never imagined me designing quilts on a computer. As we shared stories I thought..."The one thing that should never change is the "Hands on Memories" that you create with time spent with family". When planning your next "road trip" bring something that might trigger those quilt memories that you might have forgotten. As I are "Making Memories one Mile at a Time"
Here's some tips that have been sent in too share....thanks so much and keep the tips coming!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
email tips:

* Invest in two irons....have one for your pressing/steaming fabrics and one for fusing appliques etc.
   Use non-stick reusable pressing wonders and keeps irons clean.

* Always have your thumb handy....cheapest, and most convenient iron "finger pressing" and you
    steam is always available :-)

* Pipe cleaners are great for cleaning out the bobbin area of sewing machine

* Use a black permanent marker to mark the tip of your thread to make threading a needle easier.
   I like to mark my sewing machine needle "eye" as well :-)

* Grab the empty cardboard that fabric comes's free!!! Wash and press your fabric and wrap\
   back on the cardboard and your fabric is ready for your next project!

* Save your quilt batting great for packaging those delicate items when  moving
   or storing

*Wrap a scrap piece of batting around a ruler, secure with a rubber band and dust in between the
   slats of blinds. Works wonderful!

* Cut squares from your scraps at the time you are working on projects and label and store in a bin.
   Love this one and I am going to "Try" it :-)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Good morning quilters! First I have to say "Thank you" for sending in tips. I love to look at the "stats" especially sense this is a new quilt blog. I was so amazed to see the hits from other countries! It brought back so many memories. I remember growing up in Germany as a child seeing quilts hanging from windows on Saturday mornings. I asked my dad why they hung "blankets" out of their windows. I remember dad saying..."Don't know" was always had a "short and sweet comment" :-) I remember asking him if I could hang my blankets out of my bedroom window....his reply was 'No"...again, that did not work for a little six year old red-head! We lived off base and the homes were so this day they have inspired me as a designer. Anyway...I went across the street...knocked on the door....and this sweet German lady answered....I asked her why her blankets are hanging out of her windows....she replied....well, honestly to this day I am not sure :-)...I left and walked down the street to the next house and finally got an answer I could sort of understand. Another sweet German lady replied...."They are Quilts and they are hung to freshen them"....well...I asked WHY?....I bet my parents were so glad when I got out of the "why stage"....anyway, she told me "why" and asked "don't you have a quilt? I didn't!!! She said everyone should have a quilt they are made with love. Hmmm....I remember going home and trying to open the shutters and finally hanging my "blanket" out the window. It was fun while it lasted....Dad came home and needless to say I had to bring my blanket back in! To this day I love to air my quilts on the clothes line. Some memories are triggered for a reason. As they say "Quilts are Ties that Bind People Together."
Well, today's tip is a funny one. When I read this one I couldn't help but laugh. But on the serious note these tips will help to prevent you from sitting for a long time while sewing/quilting.

*Have your ironing board on the other side of the room of your sewing machine so you have to "get up" to press your seams. Just think if you have a lot of seams in your design you should average a half-mile to a mile walk daily!

*If you accidently drop a few scraps of fabric on the floor, just think of them as "stomach crunches" as you get them. And if you're like me I tend to do that a lot :-)

*While fabric shopping...don't pick up those "Fat Quarter's" find the "heavy bolt of fabric" and carry that to the cutting table. That's right just worked out your "upper arms". Make several trips and you worked out your calves as well :-) know's the best tip that I am going to share that works for me...."Always have your candy jar full of your favorite chocolates adjacent to your sewing machine and your ironing board and you will definitely get a "full workout" for me anyway!

As always....thanks for sharing your tips!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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