Monday, July 9, 2018


Hey's that wonderful time of the year...."Christmas in July". Kicking off the holiday season I am sharing this fast & easy tutorial that can be incorporated into any time of the year. The design is incorporating one of my favorite quilt squares "Orange Peel" & everyone's favorite square "HST's" (half square triangles). The quilt was named Santa Blessings due to my sweet Grandson Davin. It's our favorite time of the year and have to admit we watch Christmas movies all year round together! I can only pray he carries that tradition on :-). Anyway, you will learn techniques from beginner to would make a great baby quilt...scrap quilt & can be easily enlarged for a bed quilt. The lap quilt is 44 x 56 & designed in EQ7 & fully recommend using Aurifil thread for your applique and quilting. So get your creative brain thinking & check back soon for all your fabric needs & instructions to complete this fast & easy quilt!

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Saturday, July 7, 2018


Hey quilters.....hope everyone is doing well. Have to say when I noticed it was "Chocolate Day" today my heart dropped...seriously, had no idea there was such a "thing". If you're like me, chocolate & quilting/crafting go "hand & hand" so to speak. So today, I'm assuming it's also "calorie free" due to it being a "holiday" ;-)….a girl can only hope! Anyway....wanted to share a few other important dates as well! Also keep popping in 'cause soon I will be posting my "Christmas in July" quilt that you can create for anytime of the year! View a "low sugar chocolate pie on my blog below". Fast & easy to take to any quilt function or get together. Enjoy your chocolate!

Dates to be listed on all Quilter's Calendars :-)...
International Choc day...Sept. 13th
National Choc days...Oct 28 & Dec 28

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Hey promised here's the fun & fast "Scrappy Apron" for kiddos or adults. This would make a great 4-H project as well. As always, before starting any 4-H project, check with your County Extension office to make sure project meets the required guidelines. I used Batik 'Scraps" by Hoffman and all appliqued using Aurifil 50# thread. This project can be easily enlarged for adults just by adding more Hexagon flowers and stems. You will learn "sew many" techniques doing this apron. Remember this is your project so get creative and have fun! Enjoy!

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*Familiar with your sewing machine
*Straight stitches to decorative stitches
*Raw edge applique
*using Hexagon Templates
*Rotary cutting with rulers
*1/4" seam measuring with rulers
*Fuse using Heat n Bond Lite
* Use Pellon Fusible Featherweight
*Hand sewing of Buttons
*Designing and being Creative with Fabrics & Threads

*Me & My Apron (Childs size)
*Aurifil thread 50# Hot Pink #2588, Orange #2235 & Green #2885 (all 50#)
*Hoffman Batiks style 841 23 Fuchsia, style 1895 303 Frog
*Heat n Bond Lite
*Pellon  Fusible Feather weight
*Fons & Porter Hexagon Fussy Cut Template (3" & 2" finished size)
*Mini Hexagon template

*Iron out any creases in Apron
*Fold apron in half and finger press down middle(marking center)
*Fold bottom on apron to wrong side 1" (marks line for pockets)
*Rotary cut 4 hexagons from 3" finished side template
*Trace & cut 2 hexagons using same template of Pellon Fusible Featherweight
*With Right sides together (Pellon Fusible on top) sew a 1/4" seam around, leaving a (1 3/4) opening for turning inside out & reinforcing seams at start/stop.
*Pin if needed so you don't forget to leave opening
*Turn inside out (carefully use tip of pencil on corners if needed)
Note: Fusible web will be on inside at this time
Finger press
*At this time check to make sure all your seams are sewn...if not, repeat step above and reinforce the area of seam that was missed.
*Finger press the opening (raw  edges to inside)
*Iron pocket (reinforces the stabilizer) and sew a 1/4" seam on opening
*Pin to apron (as per diagram)
*Sew 1/4" seam around pocket, reinforcing at start/stop....pivoting at corners but leave opening to allow the size of hand to fit in (this step reinforces the fold at bottom)


*Cut a 5" strip of Heat n Bond Lite...adhere to flower fabric (following manufactures direction)
*Trace & Rotary cut 1 (2" Hexagon template) for large flower & 1 (using mini hexagon template) for small flower
Note: use a pressing sheet for step above to prevent the glue getting on your iron (ask an adult to assist you if needed)
*Rotary cut each hexagon into 6 segment for flowers
* with your flower segments on your apron for placement before you secure with your iron & allow space for your leaves....get creative or follow diagram above
*Repeat same steps for stems (adhering Heat n Bond lite to fabric)
*Rotary cut 5/8" strips on diagonal (about 4), 
*Position as desired and fuse as above
*Sub cut into segments for stems
*Applique flowers first then change thread to applique leaves or applique as desired
Note: always save your scraps for another project if desired
* Hand sew on Buttons if you wish to do initial monogram or purchase an iron on letter if desired.
I did a decorative stitch around the apron to add some texture.
Get creative add more embellishments if desired & be proud while you are wearing your project!
Enjoy & have a great summer!

More projects coming soon so check back in!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Hey quilters.....hope everyone's summer is off to a great start. Just recently had a short but fun visit with my grandson. As usual always hiding spiders on my sewing machine & in fabric. He's been doing that from the age of 2. Love him! He definitely knows where his "Gege" hangs out! Wanted to share some fun Tuesday humor and to let you know I have another great "kid project" coming soon. You'll have complete instructions to do this apron which could be a great 4-H sewing project as well. Easily enlarge to an adult apron if desired. In the process of tweaking instructions so come back this week for full details. Have a great week!

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Fun Project coming soon!
We all need a little "Sewing Humor" sometime!

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Hey quilters....hope all is going well. I wanted to share this fun easy project that is an excellent gift idea for a b-day present...Mother's or for any special occasion. It's a "Hot Pad used for serving dishes while entertaining." You'll learn "Sew Many" techniques for the beginner quilter or for us "Seasoned quilters/seamstresses", you'll get a head start on your Christmas projects...(12-Mos. of Quilt-Mas) & a great "Stash Buster". You'll get to make this project from home & being a former 4-H Leader, I fully understand time-saving projects. This is a "quilting it forward" for me. My sweet friend gave me this block last summer and it was all hand quilted from her mother-in-law. She knew I love to collect old quilts and blocks and she thought I could do something fun with it. Well, she recently purchased a new home so I thought what better way then to "give it back" as a house-warming gift. I wanted to compliment the original design by "keeping it old school" with sweet antique style fabrics & simple quilting techniques. Quilts back in the day so to speak were primarily used for quilts are an amazing work or art. The "New" is this block is all sewn & appliqued with Aurifil thread. If you don't already know this excellent thread Facebook Alex Veronelli. Aurifil thread has so many color hues & weights for all  your sewing projects. I will post pics with instructions along the way to make this project fun & some "unforeseen quilt-bloopers." Before starting any 4-H project make sure you meet all project requirements through your county extension office.  As me if you have any q's. Enjoy!

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Here's the original block and finished Hot Pad...

HINT....if you don't have a old block to start with just "fussy cut" a 7x7 inch square from your favorite fabric design.

Here's all you do...
*cut border strips 1 1/2 x 12 inches of your coordinating fabric (about 8 strips)
*using the "Log Cabin Method" sew one border strip to top of block (right sides of fabric together)...cut threads...finger press seam & square up border using a rotary cutter with original block.
HINT...if you are using "light print fabrics" make sure you have the right sides together when laying border strips (trust me) :-)
* Sew right border on and use same method above...trimming and squaring up as you go.
*Sew bottom border then left border using same method above.
*Continue with same method above until you've sewn two complete borders on making the "Log Cabin design"
*Iron block and square up at this time if needed.
*Your block should roughly be 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 at this time.
HINT...if you are using "light print fabrics" make sure you have the right sides together when laying border strips together (trust me)

Rotary cut a 3 x 9" strip of your leaf fabric.
Cut same size strip of "Heat n Bond" fusible light & following manufactures directions fuse to wrong side of leaf fabric.
Trace the leaf design on the paper side of heat n bond lite...cut with paper scissors (not your fabric scissors)
HINT...I have scissors and rotary cut scissor marked for sewing and paper so I don't get confused. Keeps your scissors sharper and blades last longer as well. I put my dull blades in a "plastic Nutella jar" great safe way to store before throwing away.
I also have a separate Iron used for fusing and use a re-usable pressing sheet to help keep my iron clean.

Now is the time to applique around your leaves and flower motif if it's not already done. If you are new to appliqueing ask an adult to help teach you this fun technique. All sewing machines have a applique stich along with a specific foot attachment to make this technique easy. Always remember to do a sample square if you are first learning this technique.
HINT...make a sweet "Mug Rug" as a gift to practice your applique techniques. You can use the same method that you are currently learning for the "Hot Pad", just in a smaller scale.
Remember...while appliqueing....coordinate your thread with your fabric if needed. If you are new to sewing ask an adult to teach you how to change threads & bobbin thread if needed.

Now let the fun begin...
Rotary cut backing fabric & batting ( I use low-loft batting for less bulk) the same size as your block.
Lay block and fabric backing "right sides together"
Place batting on top of fabric
Sew a 1/4 inch seam around square leaving a 3" seam opening (this will be used to turn block inside out)
Reinforce your seam openings while starting & stopping. I like to pin my 3" opening a different direction to help with starting & stopping...see pic below of pin direction and fabric layouts.

Turn block inside out.../Press & Measure block. this time make sure all your seams were sewn (except 3" opening).If not turn outside in and sew the seam you missed. No Problem! See pic...happens to us all :-)

HINT...use a #2 Pencil eraser to smooth the layers together inside the block & to straighten corners, or use your best tools ever...your fingers! (That's why I make a 3" opening to help get inside block to smooth fabric.
Now cut a piece of "Insul-Bright" about a 1/8" smaller then your block size.
Tri-fold insul-bright and insert into the 3" opening.
Using your pencil eraser carefully smooth insul-bright to fit your square.
Take your time with this step.
Press with Iron to help with the bulk before quilting.
Fold in sides of your 3"opening together inline with your seam.
Hand stich opening with coordinating thread or use washable fabric glue to enclose opening.

Now you're ready to get creative with your block!
HINT...choose your decorative stitches you wish to use. On a scrap piece of fabric practice with the stitch width & length until your get your desired stitch. I have a pad/pen in my top drawer of sewing machine to write down the stitch settings while sewing. This is a great tip especially if you turn off your machine before finishing your project. Another trust me! :-)
*I appliqued the log cabin seams just as I sewed it to compliment the block design. Do the same if you wish.
Aurifil 50# 4093 was used for appliqueing the log cabin stitching & leaves.
Aurifil 50# 3910 variegated thread used to outline stitch two rows around center flower.
I kept the quilting simple to compliment the original block.

Care instructions...due to this being a "hot pad for serving dishes" spills may occur....fully recommend to spot clean when possible...if laundering is needed place pad in a laundry mesh bag & machine wash cold on delicate cycle....air dry...iron if needed.

I hope you enjoyed this project & feel free to send pics or email me any q's....
Remember....sewing & quilting is's your project...get creative & enjoy every moment!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Hey everyone....hope all is going well. I wanted to share the Pantone 2018 color of the year...18-3838 Ultra Violet. Oh my all you purple lovers...this is definitely your year! This color is very vibrant and stunning. As a designer, I can definitely see this as a dominant color mixed with greys...neutrals with black accents. This would be a great color in a child's room as well. When you're out shopping, look at plastics...towels, etc....usually the color of the year gets incorporated into a lot of accents for decorating. As always, email me if you have any design q's....always glad to help! Consulting and Space Planning is my specialty. View more about this great color hue on

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"A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity & visionary thinking that points us toward the future" more at

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hey quilters....wanted to share my recent post on my cooking's the New Year and getting back on the "diet train" has been a bit difficult. Wanted to share my tips just in case anyone else needs a bit of encouragement. Please share your tips as well. Pop on over to my cooking blog and see who's my "life coach"...who gives me my "text-me-ups". Enjoy!

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