Monday, August 28, 2017


Hey quilters....hope everyone is doing well especially if you're like me in Texas. We've been blessed in our area but my heart goes out to all the families struggling during this horrible time. I recently received an email about a holiday runner that wasn't using One-Z's. As you can see in an earlier posts their is a simple design that I posted but was asked for a more advanced design. I've had this design on the back burner so to speak due to originally saving it for my pattern E-Book. But decided to share it after all. Sometimes when you are Blessed you realize that paying it forward is the way to go! This design is using the same circle technique as the Halloween One-Z squares. So when you get to that part of the application you will see my note to refer back to the instructions already posted on the One-Z quilt. Just like previously mentioned...Heat n bond lite will be your best friend. I love to design....actually a Residential & Commercial designer but when it comes to quilting, I love to incorporate easy techniques and design in EQ7. You have plenty of time to finish this design for Halloween or change up the Batiks and make a Christmas runner. All fabrics used are beautiful Batiks by Hoffman and thread is 50 weight by Aurifil. This design can be easily enlarged by adding more squares or you can make the individual squares larger (current design is a 3" sq.). Just remember to allow more yardage and also incorporate the "circle" to scale for the square. Well, I hope you enjoy this fast & easy technique....fell free to post your finished projects on my Facebook page. Enjoy!

Blessed Quilting from my Home to Yours,
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                                                                   est @ 12x50

                                                                 Finished square 3x3
Fabric needed:
*orange Batik....1 yard
*Black...1 1/2- 2 yards ( I always get extra to allow for any cutting miss-haps)
Heat n Bond Lite (1 yard) use your coupon :-)
Aurifil 2235 50 weight
                          black 2692

*Rotary cut black fabric into 3 1/2 " strips...then cut strips into 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 " squares to make a total of 80 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 " squares (seam allowance is added)

*sew squares together (per diagram) finger pressing seams out as you go. I sew using the Auril Black 50 weight. When completed, iron if needed.
Note....I sew one row together at a time then join rows as I go.
* Rotary cut orange fabric into 2 1/4 " strips ( extra width for circles)
 Follow instructions on Halloween One-Z quilt for circle instructions & Fusing
 Cut 20, 2 " circle into quarters forming 80 pieces
*Per design layout fuse circles directly onto each square closely to your seam line. Your seam line serves as your guide throughout this process which allows easy piecing/fusing. Start at top row and fuse the way down. After all quarters are fused per design measure your top/bottom and sides to rotary cut your borders....square up if needed.
*Sew top/bottom borders then left/right borders....iron along the way if needed.
*Applique each orange quarter circle with Aurifil thread #2235
Outline Quilt or quilt in the ditch for an easy technique.
Bind as desired.
Remember....come back to my blog for the same technique to piece design for a Christmas runner...just change out the fabric choices per instructions.
Enjoy & post finished projects to my facebook page.
Blessed Quilting,

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Hey quilters...we are starting phase one.if you are following along with the Halloween one-z quilt. I've been having a blast with this one and I will try and keep the directions as simple as my mind will allow. I design in EQ7 which allows me to do a pretty good accuracy for directions. My directions are for the layout with the bright batiks pictured. I will be showing the squares using my actual fabrics along the way. I kept the design basic on the computer so you can use your imagination to create your design using the fabrics of your choice. Just substitute your fabric & yardage in place of mine. I will mention that I shopped a lot of fabric/quilt stores to come up with some fun & unique Halloween fabrics and then incorporated the bright batiks as background and accent fabrics. Also, I purchased as much fabric on sale by shopping with coupons and catching quilt shops placing the fabrics on sale. You will need to purchase 2-sided Heat n Bond lite. This will be your best friend throughout the whole project. It can be purchased at your local fabric store and don't forget your coupon. Anyway, this will be the first part to accomplish so have fun and enjoy!

Blessing from my Home to Yours,
Facebook....I heard it through the quilt-vine
                                                                Finished size 10 x12

Supplies needed for "Bat square"
Heat n Bond Lite 2 yards plus (I keep extra on hand)
Fabric (Based on a 40" width 100% cotton & keep scraps for border piecing)
Purple...1 1/2 yards
Orange...1 1/2 yards
Black...1 yard

*Rotary cut your purple and orange fabric into 5 1/2 " strips....then cut those strips 5 1/2 x 6 1/2       which allows for your 1/4" seam allowance.
*Following 2 purple squares together then one purple & orange square all seams out....join the two pieces together per diagram...pressing seams out. this time you square should finish out 10 1/2 x 12 1/2 again allowing your 1/4 seams.
*Cut Black fabric into 5 1/2 inch strips (roughly 2)
Fuse your Heat n Bond lite to the wrong side of your black fabric.
Using a 5" circle trace on paper side of fusible web.
Cut each circle then cut each circle into quarters (total of 6)
Fuse on each square as per diagram following manufacturers direction on Heat n Bond lite forming the "Bat square"
*Applique each bat circle with Black thread ( I use Aurifil 50 weight #2692)
Repeat directions to complete a total of 8 squares
Have fun & will be posting next phase soon....
Blessed Quilting,

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Hey quilters.....hope all is well.....recently had emails from my Halloween One-Z-Quilt asking for a design if you are not using baby one-z's. a designer, I'm always thinking/designing ahead. While I am designing in EQ7, I always like to "flip" the same concept into different designs. So while you are following along the one-z quilt you can also do these designs of the Halloween runner or quilt. You will be using my same "easy techniques" for the curve squares to achieve all designs. I will be posting the easy techniques along the way for all designs. So come along and lets all have a "Spook-tacular Halloween".

"Blessed Quilting from my Home to Yours"
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