Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hey quilter's....when I saw this funny cartoon, I immediately filed it for a crazy winter day. I know some of us are truly thankful for the sun these past couple of days, but also know how some are cold right now. I definitely feel your pain, been a survivor of a -10* once myself, and didn't care for it at all. I would always try to think warm thoughts, summer project ideas and mostly just keep from going nuts while being snowed in. Don't get me wrong, it's fun for a couple of days and if you could only plan it when you needed it, I would then love the snow. I recently read an article that during the winter months you should plan your summer vacations. Hmmm...hasn't worked yet but maybe I'm not thinking "tropical" due to I'm a more "mountain" kinda gal. I posted this cartoon for everyone to have a laugh during these crazy winter months. I love the fact that it's featured some of my favorite items for sewing/quilting except it's missing a couple of rows. I personally would be planting/sewing rows of my favorite weights and color hues of Aurifil thread. Oh how wonderful that would be to just go out and pick the "perfect color hue" & weights of thread. This is the one time I would love to hear the old saying..."you reap what you sew". All kidding aside, want to send warm wishes and hugs to all who are a bit chilly these days & special thanks for following my blog. We will be posting many designs & patterns soon as a free download. I elevate my ankle quite a bit so I am constantly designing in my EQ7 to keep from going insane these days.We"ll also feature fast & easy gifts for free downloads as well. Warm Hugs!

Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

Monday, January 26, 2015


Hey quilters...I hope everyone is having a "little bit of sunshine" during this cold season. I recently discovered a neat trick due to watching my cat Lottie sunning in front of the window. I can't help but laugh when she get's excited seeing the sun peeking in on a quilt. She will gravitate immediately to the bed, stretch out and start "sunning",One smart cat! Well, due to our lovely cat, we also have a "Lint Roller" in just about every room. It might be a little ocd, but being clean freeks it does come in handy. Here's the funny...due to my long hair, it tends to shed. Yes, I'm admitting the fact that I shed. Funny as it sounds, the lint brush works wonders on my hair as well. If you have "accent rugs" in your bathroom & "shed hair", like I do and hate to drag out the vacuum everyday, then this tip is for you. I now swipe the lint brush over the rugs to pick up my loose hair after styling. I have to say it works wonders and only takes a few seconds of your time verses dragging out the vacuum. Also, they are so cheap at the dollar store so you can keep one under the cabinet for easy access. I know some people use the "swiffer" in between vacuuming but that hardly pics up hair off rugs. Works great on floors though. O.K...by now you are wondering the funny...my nickname as some of you know is Cat...so it's funny now we leave them in all rooms for the Cat's shedding :-)
Anyway, we all know that Lint rollers are wonderful to keep in your sewing/quilting room. But I have to say recently I had the hardest time throwing away my cut threads of Aurifil thread. I now roll up the extra threads that are cut and stick them in the trees for the birds. It might seem a bit extreme but they love threads to incorporate into their nests. I love watching the birds outside my quilting room feed and when they grab that loop of thread and fly away with it, I feel I've done something special. What's funny is when they fly back to that same spot and look into "your window" wondering where the next thread loop is. I have to say..."the birds know Great Quality Thread". I do take the time to loop the thread together so the birds don't choke on it while flying. Maybe one day I can video them 'cause it's pretty stinkin' cute!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours",


Monday, January 5, 2015

Need more "Fiber" in your diet?...2015 is the Year!

Hey quilter's...recently I went to the doctor and he actually told me I needed more fiber in my diet. I know you are laughing, it's an old joke among quilter's, but he really did state those exact words. I have to share, I laughed so hard and I do believe he thought I was nuts. I proceeded to tell him that I quilt and my room is full of "colorful fibers" from Aurifl threads. He rolled his eyes and said, "stay away from my wife, she's a quilter. I laughed, no problem...I have her email address! Well, this joke inspired this post due to wanting to showcase some of the bright Batiks by Hoffman California fabrics that will be appliqued and quilted with Aurifil thread. This was the inspiration for my 2015 Museum project for our sweet town of Frankston. I will be designing/quilting "Stain Glass Windows' out of these wonderful color ways. The museum is getting a "face lift" and I was asked to do the window treatments. Well, I had to put a spin on it of course! The wonderful bright colors of the fabrics and Aurifil threads is such an inspiration for any designs! Wish me luck and I will post pics along the way. I hope everyone does a little "quilt it forward in 2015" with some sort of project for your community. Have a wonderful 2015!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"