Saturday, March 22, 2014


Hey tatter's this one's for you! Great tips on choosing the correct thread by "Our Mentor and Dear Friend Jennifer". We all know how talented Jennifer is and how beautiful her designs are so here's her secret! When creating your tatting designs choosing the correct thread is extremely important to enhance the quality of your artwork. I always say whether I'm quilting, sewing or crafting any design go that extra step to enhance the quality of your artwork. You want your designs to last a life time to past down from generations to here's Jen's secret to her beautiful tatting embellishments!
Enjoy and keep the tips coming!
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Choosing the correct thread is easy when you know a bit about threads and their qualities. Always consider the thread color and size and the amount of wear the piece will be subject to. Is it a Christmas trim or other piece that will be used only periodically and seldom hand washed? Is it a hanky trim, collar or other wearable that may be hand washed a lot? Is it a table topper, an heirloom-to-be or other decorative piece that may be precious to the next generation? There are threads for each of these projects.
Thread size...refers to the thickness of the threads. The higher or larger number of the thread, the finer it is. A size 50 thread is finer than a size 10. Changing the thread size in a pattern alters the size of the design. A dolly worked in size 70 thread, for example, will be closer to a place mat in size if you tat it in size 10 thread. "True" tatting threads are considered to be sizes 70 and 80 (very fine). All other size threads on the market are referred to as "crochet cotton".
Mercerizing during manufacture makes thread more receptive to dyeing so it accepts and holds color well and is almost colorfast. It also adds strength and shine, so the thread has a lovely luster and can stand up to years, even generations, of wear. Mercerized thread is smooth, easy to work with, and durable-just what you want for your tatting projects. (All cotton thread in our catalog are mercerized) Hold your thread up to a bright light and look at the fuzz along the strand. The less fuzz there is, the more the thread has been gas-singed (which smooth's and strengthens it). Thread will less fuzz will continue to look nice after repeated washings. Use the smoothest threads for your heirlooms!


Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hey quilters....good morning and happy National Quilting Day! This is your weekend for sales...visit our website for this months specials as well. Tip "Cure for 7/8 cuts/jitters" is a fast way to cut your strips without moving your fabric. I know sounds crazy and I'm sure some of you may already be doing this trick. But, I have to say....I am not a fond of a 7/8 cut and my designs require it. Creating designs with "Half Square Triangles" is not only unique but a "time saver" as well. I purchased two 1/4" Seam rulers by "Fons & Porter" a couple yrs. ago and between this tip and their wonderful ruler...'You have it made". Were doing a lot of Pattern uploads on our website so check back often to see the latest "Updates" from Davin. I decided to give him another job....he's responsible for keeping you up to date with all the news. Yes, I know he's only three but I feel if you start them young.......well you know the saying! Anyway, if you have any q's on this tip please email me...always glad to help. We've received tips lately that were repeats...I know it's a New Year but the blogs posts from last year are still available to view on main page. Also, we are designing quilts for you to embellish with Tatting. So send in those "tatting tips"...view for all your tatting supplies. View our Tatting page on our website below for "Seasonal Quilt Designs".

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Cut fabric strips w/ 7/8 allowance
Lay strips horizontal and make your "first cut your 7/8 seam"
without moving your fabric make your
2nd cut your whole number ( ex 2 7/8 cuts you would count back 2 inches and cut)
3rd cut 2 7/8
4th cut 2 3/4
* didn't move your fabric and you cured the jitters for a 7/8 cut!

Here's another tip that was emailed that is a repeat must..."start those quilting magazine exchanges".
Especially for the ones that don't have internet accessibility...also, she stated bring some to the elderly...they may not be quilting anymore but remember...their wonderful talent started out quilting traditions to this day. Again...Quilt if forward!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

"Update from Davin and Noah"

Davin is three now so he has been promoted to "Final inspection before orders go out". He has also helped Gege design the new 2014 collection of "All Because of Faith". Davin will be updating you with info on new patterns as they are published and coming up with some wonderful sale ideas as well....He's a busy L'L Man these days...oh did I mention how handsome he is :-)

L'l Noah is busy helping Gege with our new 2014 collection "Fun, Fast & Fabulous"...we've learned how valuable time is and this line is full of  Easy Techniques, Time-Saving Tips to create beautiful gifts in a weekend. Noah will keep you posted with the latest from Gege as designs come available. Oh, did I mention how handsome he is :-)

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Hey....hope everyone is doing great. We've been fighting the O' Flu bug but finally over it...and I truly mean over it! We have some exciting news...we have 3 New Pattern Lines coming soon along with a stunning collection of "Seasonal Mini Series" using Hoffman's New Batik line. Also, new pattern lines will incorporate a Table Square spin off for the beginner quilter. Our New Line "Fun, Fast & Fabulous was recently created due to the birth of Noah. Doug's daughter Amber delivered a sweet baby boy last year and needless to say..."this is why I roll...out the fabric". These two grandsons keep Gege busy! We are also offering Custom Quilt Designs/Patterns for you to have a "show stopper" at your next Quilt Show. Oh, did I pattern downloads...that's right! Sometimes my head gets to spinning with designs so I decided to do some free downloads. I feel it's my way of giving back to a lot of people who've helped me along the way. I truly believe in "Quilting it Forward" and forever grateful to the ones who helped me back in my younger days. Learning to quilt is like learning to cook....once you sample your wonderful never get enough! I appreciate the tips that are being sent in and please keep them coming. Some were repeats but here are some recent great ideas. Please email me if you do not wish to be on our email list.

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

*Great Tip for a fast Easter Quilt....Foam Craft Shapes are great to use for large pattern stencils...she purchased a pkg. ( bunny, chick, rabbit, tulip, butterfly) all at the Dollar Store. Trace on some fabric cut and fuse/applique...
Here's my spin....use the outline of the foam shape as your quilting stencil....get creative and have fun!

*This tip never gets old...."Always cut the corners of your fabric before washing...prevents fraying

Thanks for the tips and will post more soon!