Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hey quilters....I've received several tips on organizing a sewing room ( between us I cannot use the term..." clutter" in my sewing room....fabric is not clutter :-) Well...I've saved the tips to make a nice interesting article that you can even print out if needed. I know when I'm working on a project and  need some extra "punch" in a design it's nice to go to my organized stash of fabric. If your sewing room is small like mine these tips will come in handy! Anyway, thanks for sending in your tips!

DESIGN WALL...small, medium and large for your layout of current project and when you get an inspiration of your next.
CORKBOARD SQUARES...adhere to a closet door wall to organize your cutting rulers with pegs for easy accessibility.
CUTTING TABLE...purchase or create one of your own that is "Sturdy" and has storage space underneath for shelves or containers to "stash" your fabrics
CREATE A "L" SHAPE...sewing room to organize your furniture around the perimeter of your room.
ANTIQUE CORNER CABINETS and CHESTS....make adorable storage areas plus gives your room a less industrial feel while being creative
STASH...take a few minutes with scraps and cut immediately into "charm squares"...organize them by size and store/label for future use
CARDBOARD....use extra holders that your fabric store gives away and use them to wrap your pre-washed and ironed fabric on....
ORGANIZE BY COLOR AND this tip....creating that easy "go to" color when needed for projects
CASTERS...purchase/build tables and cabinets on casters for easy accessibility and flexibility of usage of space
PROJECT INSPIRATION WALL...have a "mini" peg wall for your goals of the week or month. I go to the next extreme....I put pics of the grandkids to make me smile when I get frustrated on a project.
2 PK SWEATER STORAGE BAGS....purchase at dollar store are great for temporary storing your projects and great for traveling to your quilt workshops.
UTILIZE THE SPACE ABOVE YOUR shelves to store baskets, quilt books etc.
I love this one....I use baskets and pre-cut my strips for projects and loosely hang them over the baskets for easy accessibility
STASH BASKET....hang a basket by your cutting table to discard your scraps in for later cutting
ORGANIZE YOUR color and style ( hand sewing, machine quilting etc)
MINI CUTTING your sewing table for easy accessibility to trim while sewing
IRON....I have one by sewing machine to press seams while sewing along with the great tip above!
STORAGE BASKETS....clear storage containers to hold same size cuts of fabric....label outside for easy access
JARS....create a accessory magnetic wall to store pins etc in magnetic tins (cute one)
DOOR STORAGE....utilize the back of doors to use "clear over the door shoe holders" to store your items for easy access and visibility
UNDER WINDOWS....create a storage unit under windows to utilize that space of 18-24" depending on window size
PORTABLE IRON BOARD....on your cutting table for small projects
INDUSTRIAL CABINETS....great for storing plus magnetic holders are easy accessible for items
FLOORING....have low maintenance floors in sewing room for cleaning plus easy movement of cabinets, storage units with casters
COLOR....create color for your inspiration in your sewing room
COFFEE POT...I love this one....have a small 4 cup handy in sewing room
Thanks for the tips....keep them coming!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

Monday, August 12, 2013


Good morning quilters...recently I was asked what rulers that I like to use. I have to tell you that thanks to my "Mother in Law's" wonderful birthday present last year, I fell in love with these. They are "Cut for the Cure Rulers by Nifty Notions". Mom has a special reason for this gift due to she's a "Breast Cancer Survivor". These rulers are designed by Kaye England and  a portion of sales proceeds go directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The rulers are designed with a Breast Cancer awareness theme. The 12 rulers in the collection consists of 3 squares, 3 rectangles, and 6 specialty rulers. They have bright pink and green lines, allowing them to work on light and dark fabrics. Each ruler have sight lines every sixteenth inch and sight holes at every inch intersection. If you buy the complete package you get a wonderful DVD with Kaye England demonstrating each use of ruler with helpful tips. Quilters.....I have to say...they are wonderful and easy to use plus you are helping a great cause! You can go to Kaye England website for more information.
Keep the tips or q's coming!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hey quilters....hope everyone is back safe and sound from family vacations before the hustle of "back to school". Blog tips were slow last week but thanks for sending tips this week. I had to post this info in the meantime. I received this info and the website has the most adorable miniature quilt stand holders. They have "Table Top" metal quilt stand holders plus wall hangers as well. You can purchase individual "headers" to change out seasonally. They would make adorable stands for those Christmas presents when you like to add that personal touch. Anyway, the prices are reasonable so check it out at Thanks for sending in that great Holiday tip! Keep them coming!

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