Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hey quilters....received this email and it's the most amazing story of a woman who quilts and she is blind. She is so talented and blessed of how God has given her a different avenue in her life. She is truly and amazing woman and an inspiration to us all!!! She will make you laugh, cry and definitely make you realize you can handle any obstacles in your life with the " Grace of God".
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view @...Blind Quilter (Texas Country Reporter) YouTube

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Monday, May 27, 2013

"Quilt Terms vs Medical Terms"

Good morning...I know that sounds weird and believe me of how shocked I was when asked these questions at my recent doctor's visit. We think a lot of how our Grandmother's quilted when we hear the term "Family History". I often wonder who taught them to quilt or some even just "tied" the blankets together to get them finished faster due to the weather. I came from a line of knitters and started sewing at seven but didn't learn to quilt until my twenties. The term "Back in the Day" I always thought of how those special memories of when your grandparents told you sweet stories of how they sacrificed to get where they are phones are different now "Party lines vs Cell Phones" :-)...when jeans were worn at the waist not at the knees  (oops that will be my conversation with my grandsons :-)
Now you can just imagine my confused face leaving the doctor's office of how my life changed in a ten minute doctors visit. Just because I'm approaching the "5" area in my life now "Family History" refers to medical history of who had what and when. He didn't even care that my Aunt knitted until she passed away or that my Grandmother was still playing the piano on her 100th birthday! The term "Back in the Day" now means the "food" you used to eat when and where you wanted and how much! Due to this, I decided to finally start my own will be from won't matter if the sewing lines are crooked (like my back) and it won't matter how much it weighs due to the width and height of the quilt..(.I hate that chart doc's use) and it will be soft and comfy and maybe even a little bit tattered...just like me! :-) Yes it stinks getting older but I still am going to associate these terms with Quilting. Just seems to make life more pleasant! Anyway, here are some tips from a recent quilt meeting. As always, keep the tips coming!
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This is a great tip if  you are storing your quilts or especially if you are traveling to a quilt show and need a space saving tip. This helps to get rid of the center crease when folding quilts plus helps preserve the integrity of both the batting fibers and the fabric.
1. Lay quilt flat
2. Fold the corners one at a time towards the center of the quilt
3. Keep folding in the corners until the quilt is the desired size for storing

Great tip! Thanks for sharing!!!
I like to display Moms quilts. I rotate them around so they don't hang a certain way for a length of time. It's hard for me to not have them displayed. I walk by them and always wonder what stories were told while making them.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Good morning....recently had a magazine exchange through our church quilt club and came across this "old quilt magazine" and loved this story.  I know a lot of us all have the same reasons for for our special loved ones....quilts from scraps to pass down for generations,.entering quilt shows,.charity quilts and maybe even one for ourselves (when we have time)....but here it is ladies....the best reason I think anyway and I didn't even realize it myself...."POWER"!!!!!!!
Have you noticed how the majority of entities in our lives offer us little input or even a chance to make suggestions? We get told what to do...when to do it and how. But when making a Quilt rules change. From choosing the pattern or design until the last stitch is in place, my quilt is mine. I made the choices. The design, quality of work in its actual construction is mine. From choosing the fabric to the time evolved in it's actual finish is under my control. "Power at your fingertips" :-)

I love this lady!!! Now I know why when I get frustrated... I grab a cup of coffee....head to my quilt room and shut the door!!!! :-)
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Finally...High Speed Internet!!!

Yes....we finally have it...."high speed internet"
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