Saturday, July 26, 2014

"HE" almost got away w/ it :-)

Hey...hope everyone received some rain this week....we had the dreadful combo...wind/rain...lucky not too many pine trees went down...just a mess. Anyway, for those of you that know me...know I don't post personal funnies especially when it involves "ME." But have to tell ya when they say you have a BLOG you should share all types, not just what your blog is about....share funny stories, talk about your family...get people to know you & make them feel like they are in the room with you when your blogging...hmmm...well here ya go...join me at the most funniest, embarrassing moment I've ever had in public at a hardware store...Oh, for you locals, no it wasn't Burks...Mr. Burk is way to polite to pull this FUNNY on me :-)...O.K...hubby & salesman talking about how much heat our light bulbs are putting out in our bathroom...hubby & salesman are so intense in conversation as he recommends the correct type of bulb etc...then I come walking know me standing quietly & listening...salesman goes...with all due respect's not your light bulbs it's your wife..."She's Smoking Hot" all of you are right now "laughing" so was I...then I turn to hubby & he's about to have a heart attack laughing...seriously...after I got past the "awkward moment" because I thought...O.K. I'm cracking up...hubby cracking up & this "sweet man" was serious! O.K., now what! Well if ya know my hubby he's probably saying to himself "you don't have to live w/her"...then we change the subject and state the "REAL" reason why "I" need stronger bulbs...I can't see anymore & how do you put on make-up w/glasses on! he goes again...Sir your wife doesn't need make-up...o.k...awkward moment again & we are all laughing...I'm thinking...dude just give us the stinkin' bulbs & you made a sale...well here it goes people...wait for it.....Yes, HE then tells us he has the same problem getting older...his eyes are so bad now that he "CANNOT SEE UP CLOSE & HE NOW WEARS BI-FOCALS"...yes, I'm sure you can see my hubby & I really cracking up then! you know why I had to share it & titled it..."He" almost got away w/ it :-)...well of course he was a tad bit embarrassed himself & then put his glasses on & looked at me & told hubby no seriously she doesn't need make-up....O.K....I'm thinking enough already...were buying the bulbs! As we are leaving the store...hubby & I are still laughing...then I think...wait, why am I laughing! Sometimes ya just gotta go w/ the flow...even if your the "butt end of the joke"....this is why you should shop your local stores ...Mr. Burks would not have taken it that far...he would have told my hubby....Cat's getting OLDER & this is what I recommend :-) anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend...great tips are coming in so will post this week...thanks for sharing your tips & keep them coming!
"Blessed Quilting from Our Home to Yours"

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Make a Wish"

Hey quilters...please visit and click on Make a Wish...proceeds help grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions. I personally experienced this in the design industry & have to share...when their wish comes true you just can't imagine the joy they have in their matter how much pain they are experiencing they smile...hug you & thank you for making their dreams come true. It's a true testimony to Faith. My personal wish would be that no child should ever be in pain. Please make a donation if you are able & check out the beautiful quilt that was designed. You can also download the blocks if you desire....thanks so much.
Also, please visit our Face Book page...I heard it through the Quilt-vine....I had comments that not everyone has an account to post comments here so I made a separate page for you to share your photos, tips etc. Will be posting comments for everyone to interact & the first one was...
If you were a Quilt... what would your name be....check out my comment on facebook :-)
As always...keep the tips coming!
"Blessings from our Home to Yours"


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hey quilters...I usually try to have a clever caption/title to capture your attention & have to say it usually has to do w/quilting. Today we are "supposed" to get some well needed rain. I know some of you might be saying yes us too or some might be saying something else 'cause you need it too. I have to say I love Texas but the summers are so dreadful. One good thing is when it rains my quilting buddies are usually inside & I tend to get more tips...which I love ;-). Recently, I received lots of great tips plus a lot of math shortcuts which I do believe we all love. Also, wanted to invite everyone to our new Facebook page to share tips as well...I heard it through the Quilt-vine...please remember it's all about sharing tips...crafting/sewing etc...we all need a tip or short cut so share them :-) Thanks again for sending in the tips & please keep them coming!
"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

This tip was a comment sent from my post quilting w/kids this summer...great tip & thanks so much for sharing!
*Teaching kids to cut fabric safely...she stated when Rotary cutting have them only cut 1/2 way up the fabric then re-position their hand up closer on ruler w/out moving fabric...a lot safer & they aren't stretching which can lead to an accident...I still use a glove that has grips on bottom to prevent slippage (garden gloves are cheaper & work just as well) :-)
*Another Kids tip sent in...start them w/ a small project like a pot holder so they don't get discouraged & take them shopping for fabric to learn the different textures/styles to sew with...great tip!
*Here's my spin on that...have them make a quilted "Memo Board" for their room...a fun/fast project & they can quickly learn the steps to sewing/quilting!
*No such thing as mistakes while quilting...just an opportunity to look at things a little different to come up with a Clever Solution! Love that one :-)
*From my Neighbor...have family photos for Inspiration in your sewing room, that one Sarah!
*View cards for inspiration
*Oldie but Goodie sent in..."Measure twice, cut once" boy can I see my Gramma Lottie saying that!
*Use Medicine bottles to safely discard your used needles in before putting them into trash
*When cutting Directional fabric check before cutting to make sure design w/be right side up when's how I cheat...I hold a mirror on it just to make sure I like the position of fabric
*Square up your blocks as they are pieced
*Cutting boarder strips on straight grain of fabric will help eliminate wavy borders
*Always iron your fabric before cutting & press squares as they are finished before joining to others

*A Fat Quarter is 18 x 22
* Charm squares are 5 x 5 & make great gifts to swap
*Jelly roll is 2 1/2 x 44" & strips are great to piece baby quilts or cut into segments for a scrappy look
*Fabric for backing quilts...add 8" on length & width to quilt...when done quilting trim away excess fabric...4" on each side...most fabric is 42" now so double two strips together for backing
She uses a 1/2 seam allowance when sewing backing strips for extra strength (norm is 1/4" seam)
*Adding a DROP to quilt for Bed size Quilts
12" drop to each side & 15" to top for pillow allowance or make coordinating shams
ex: twin  81 x 110
      full    96 x 110
     queen 102 x 115
     king   120 x 115
*Hints for setting Triangles...thanks for sending in this one...I made a "cheat sheet" to keep on my cutting board so I don't have to stop & figure the math...great tip to share...thanks!
Block size    Side Triangle Squares     Corner Triangle Squares
4"                  7                                      3 3/4
5"                  8 3/8                                4 1/2
6"                  9 3/4                                5 1/8
7"                  11 1/4                               5 7/8
8"                  12 5/8                               6 5/8
9"                  14"                                   7 1/4
10                  15 1/2                               8
12                  18 1/4                               9 3/8
Thanks for sending in these tips....great shortcuts for us that don't like to figure the math :-) stopped raining...maybe tomorrow???

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hey quilters...just had this sweet email & have to share right away! She took my "Quilting it Forward" to a whole new level ;-) Well...her daughter is just now getting into quilting with her so they came up with a great summer project. They are going to take my magazine exchange tip & visit area nursing homes this summer. Oh my gosh, how sweet is that quilters. Not only are kids going to brighten the lives of people in nursing homes but they might even get to hear some stories as well. I'm from a long line of seamstresses & my Aunt taught crocheting & needlework. What I would do to this day to have not gone with my Uncle to catch worms for his bait shop & paid more attention to my Aunt teaching...O.K...that's not true...the truth is my Uncle came & got me 'cause I would cry and I rather would have been catching worms with him...I could not do needlework if my life depended on it...Oh my goodness my Aunt would get so mad 'cause she taught all the local 4-H kids etc. I know that's why I love Quilting 'cause I'm piecing & going right along & not trying to manipulate large needles amongst yarn. Kudos to all you knitters/tatters :-) Anyway, to teach a child to quilt is such a wonderful idea...passing on a great tradition & spending that quality time with them is priceless. I taught my daughter & she did quite well with her 4-H projects. So this summer maybe grab a few neighborhood kids & check out your local nursing home...surprise them with a few quilting magazines & a hug or two...they may not be sewing or quilting anymore but as I always say...they were the first one's to start this wonderful tradition & if you take a moment to listen to their stories of how it first begun, I think you would appreciate of how far quilting has evolved! Thanks so much for sending in this tip/idea...keep them coming!
"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

Friday, July 4, 2014


Hey quilters...first of all "Blessings for a safe/relaxing 4th". I have to say if anyone knows me is I hoard your quilting tips when they come in 'cause I'm usually trying to come up with an interesting conversation to post as well. Needless to say I've been working on "Lovin' my small town" for several weeks...I jot notes down so I don't forget that store or those sweet people & most of all how everyone has truly welcomed us into their town! But I have to say...Sunday I heard something at Church that just made my heart sink into my stomach...would have gone further but my tight jeans at my waist kept it from going all the way to my knees....anyway...we are supposed to get the "W" grocery store in our sweet little town. Oh my gosh...NO! Before I begin...I will state this is a quilting blog...sharing tips amongst friends....not today!...I promise to update tips this week but I need to take a moment & "brag" about this lovely town & state my feelings...this is the part about having a "blog" that I love :-)
We moved to East Texas to be closer to our family & our sweet two grandsons plus we wanted to come back to a "quiet small town"....a town that still had it's values...a town where people waived even if they didn't know you...a town that had similar values that I had raised my daughter in...not to mention the beautiful roaming hills filled with Pine Trees. We immediately fell in Love with our small town of Frankston & the heart warmed welcomed we have & still receive from people. Let me take a moment to brag....."One Traffic light at One Intersection"...need I say more on that subject...ahh yes..."One Pharmacy in Town"...that's right, not one on every stinkin' corner...wait for it..."One School Campus" & have to say/brag "has the politest/smartest kids" that yes....still say "Yes Mam & No Mam" etc...not to mention their athletic abilities are off the charts! If you want to see the love the "small town" businesses have for the "kids" just check out their windows during football season etc. We have "One Grocery Store"...yes that's right...where they still carry your groceries out to your truck for you...Oh my gosh was I shocked...I remember saying 'It's O.K..I got this"...nope, off he went...and yes...I was still standing in the store looking for that hidden camera & some man jumping at me saying you're on candid my mouth was still open...the sweet ladies said "not a problem that's what we do"...then as I'm finally going out the door as if that wasn't enough shock, I heard "We appreciate you shopping with us"...that's you think that is going to happen when you shop the "W" store? Much less have you thought about what it will do to our small businesses that have supported this town for many years? I love this town 'cause we have that Old fashioned hardware store "Burks" where they will order your item if it's not stocked plus love to scare the tar out of you w/ a fake "rat" you think you'll get that at the "W"...we have a "Library" that is out of the Old Railroad Boxcar....a town square where the kids meet to take their prom pictures at...Oh, "One Bank"...that's right! We love our "small town" where people help one another...where businesses always great you with a smile & ask you how you're doing...where traffic is a minimum & the streets filled w/love. If you feel we are in the need for "growth" let me say this..."been their, done that & don't want it" & neither will you! If we allow one large chain into our town it will bring others...pretty soon our sweet town will loose it's meaning...our kids & grandkids won't have that "special town" to come back to with their families one day. If you want growth, I say...keep this "Old Town" as it is & utilize the space w/an "Old Fashioned Drive-In"...where you can have movie nights with your family & share a "kiss or two" w/your loved one...bring "In" the sweet values of life to extend to our next generation & keep "Out" what will only bring chaos to our sweet town. I could go on but I think ya' get the gist of it!
 As always, keep the tips coming & will update them all next week.
"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"