Monday, January 14, 2013

Squares in a Fat Quarter & Cutting Formula

Hey everyone...hope you are enjoying the sun this morning! I had an email requesting this and I have to admit I carry this formula with me when choosing fat quarters. Please keep in mind that it's based off a yard of 44" wide fabric. Below is also a tip on cutting half-square triangles using a Fat Quarter. Also, if you are planning on fussy cutting a design you should take the extra step and buy a little more fabric due to the repeats on patterns. Thanks for the emails and hope these "Tips" help!

*Formula based off a 18x44" width of fabric and using a rotary cutter for precise measuring...
99- 2" sq
56- 2 1/2"
42- 3"
30- 3 1/2"
20- 4"
16- 4 1/2"
12- 5 1/2 "
9- 6"
6- 6 1/2'
*HINT: when cutting odd sizes (3/8, 7/8) etc. I cut larger and then square up after...this is especially helpful when rotary cutting...less stress :-)

*Fast Grid method using a Fat Quarter (Cat's favorite)
Determine your finished size of your half-square triangles and add 7/8 to measurement.
Cut a rectangle that is a multiple of both fabrics you choose (one light and one dark for contrast) EX: if your square is 3" then 3 7/8 x 4= 15 1/2" and 3 7/8 x 5= 19 3/8. From a 18x22" Fat Quarter you can have a grid that is 4 x 5 squares...
Here's how...mark diagonal lines across all squares in one direction. With right sides together pin each corner to prevent slipping. Now sew a 1/4 seam off each line...don't sew across lines :-)...pivot to next angled line and continue until all sides have a 1/4" seam...cut squares apart on drawn lines then cut again between each diaonal 1/4" seam forming two half-square triangles. Press triangles towards your darker side of fabric.
*HINT: (F&P) has a wonderful 1/4" ruler to use when doing this method if your machine doesn't have an exact 1/4 seam line. Enjoy!

Conversion Table when figuring cuts of fabric:
1/8= .125
1/4= .25
3/8= .375
1/2= .5
5/8= .625
3/4= .75
7/8= .875

Hope these tips help and I always say...Shop Local...Jennifer with Zig Zag has events and hours posted on her She has new die cutting tools for designs and you can evan schedule a time at her shop to use them. Money saving tip!!!! :-)
Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hey...hope everyone is ready for an exciting "New Quilt-Year". I've recieved several "tips" on cutting half-square triangles. I do apologize for just now posting them but our internet has been extremely slow due to the weather. I will combine the tips and add a few of my own. Recently read on article on "Cures for Tri-Anxiety...calming your HST jitters" :-) Hope these tips make your projects go a little easier! Thanks for sharing!

*These tips are wonderful to use up some of your "stash" fabrics and works best with contrasting fabrics...
Cut 7/8" larger than your finished square triangle-square from each fabric.
Place right sides together and mark on the light side of the fabric a diaganol line from corner to a 1/4 inch seam on each side and cut down the middle of stitching rows forming two half square triangles.
NOTE: I purchased a quarter inch seam marker by (F&P) which makes this method a breeze...inexpensive tool and usually you can catch it on sale!

* Press to the darker side of the fabric after piecing
* Cutting a square on the diagonal  can cause stretching due to cutting on the bias
* I like to finger press as I'm quilting...saves time!
* Always have chocolate in your sewing room...I agree!!!

Take the time to invest in've worked hard on picking out the right fabric for your quilt so I know you want it to be as accurate as possible. Hope these tips help.
"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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