Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hey Quilter's....I hope everyone is having a great week so far. First I have to apologize to my neighbor Sarah...she emailed me the awesome tip last week & as much as it kills me to admit this...I filed the pics & could not find the "zip folder" I put them in...Yes, I know Red Moment. After going through all my folders, I finally found the pics that go with this great tip. I was scanning fabric from Hoffman & embarrassed to say.." somehow they were in that folder"... Anyway, I'm sure we all want a light box...but have you priced them? OM Godness...they are outrageously priced & my Sew Smart neighbor Sarah came up with this awesome/clever idea.
Sarah improvised her sewing machine table into a "light box". Her sewing machine table is motorized to adjust to different height levels...she took machine out & adjusted height level to fit a small lamp in...then took a picture frame ( 16 x 20) & removed the glass then taped the design to trace to the underneath side of glass then placed frame over the opening on the table...WALLAH a genius "Light Box"...that's aFForDable :-)...I was so excited when she emailed me this tip due to my Mom-in-law took hers back to Florida with her...not only is this a great idea but not all of us have that extra space to store a light box...now Quilters...this is definitely a QDIY (quilter's do it yourself) :-)
Sarah recommends blue frog tape for easy on/off plus no residue left on glass & Plexiglas for safety...but then again...she used what she had on hand ;-)

Thanks so much Sarah for this great tip...if you have a "QDIY" please send them in...we all need them!
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O.k...these pics definitely are me right now...now a security device is keeping me from uploading Sarah's pic...so sorry Quilter's but I know you have the idea & will post pics later if can...in the meantime here's what's happening in my sewing room...
My parrot would be sayin..."WHY GOD WHY"...then in my hubbys voice Parrot will say" Honey why do you sew if you get so frustrated...then Parrot in my voice..."REALLY...go away" ;-)

Monday, August 4, 2014


Hey...I just had to share this one....I'm sure I am not the only one while sewing binding tends to get it caught up in the way. This is such a smart idea...but I have to say...a "toilet paper roll" works great ;-). Anyway, we've been blessed with rain here lately & due to this it "flushed out" four Copper Head snakes in the past three days....OM Godness....I'm sure you guys heard me screaming! Try this tip next time you are adding binding & if you have a "binding tip" to share please email me! I have some great tips to share this week & thanks so much for emailing/sharing your wonderful ideas.

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"SEW smart & SEW clever"
Wrap the Binding on a section of paper towel tube, then put it on the vertical thread spindle on machine as you sew...OM Godness...it's out of the way & no Tangles!!!
All my years of sewing...why didn't I think of this :-)