Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"20 no 15" Tips 2 organize your sewing room, Plus a "Color Inspiration tip using Aurifil thread"

Hey's hard to believe 2014 is coming to an end. I've had some memorable moments this year along with some hardships but as they say "That's Life". The quote inspiration says it all. I've been organizing my sewing/quilting room mostly for myself (can't handle clutter) and Miss Lottie (precious Cat). I would love to have things out for easy access but with her it makes things difficult. I have to keep things in drawers out of reach for her which makes organizing a bit harder. I am guilty of "Pinterest Searching" for tips, techniques, etc. I have to elevate my ankle quite a bit so this gives me something to do while "being stranded". I have to say one thing about searching for organizing tips, those craft rooms are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I always thought "I was organized", oh my gosh....some of those sewing/craft/quilting rooms are bigger then my kitchen and have granite countertops. As a designer, I've had the pleasure of designing many model homes and usually did a combo Utility/Craft room. I tried to keep things practical for most purposes of how families needs are plus budget friendly designs as well. I will be the first to admit...I've seen some designs on pinterest that I would love to have...maybe someday! I have some organizing tips to share that have helped me organizing on a "budget". I do have a temporary "security block" that is not allowing me to download my pics so will post pics soon.
First....for any type of hobby you need inspiration..."Color inspires Creativity" don't need to spend a lot of money to have an inspirational spot in your sewing room. I used what I have...I made a "color wheel" using "Aurifil Thread"....great color inspiration!
Second...a "Design Wall" is a must for me....when I am putting a design 2gether, I always pin fabric on my design wall to see what fabrics inspire designs.... I stand back and say..."O.K., show me what you got"...kinda silly, but it works. A design wall allows you to "see" your creativity on a visual eye level (not on floor). You don't have to spend a lot of money to have one & you can search the internet for some clever do-it-yourself tips". I personally recommend having a few if you do several different size projects/designs. I have 3 permanent ones on wall but love my 2 tiny ones that I move around with me depending on my project. most important one is..."You cannot be creative without another stimulation..."chocolate"..."Color and Chocolate" go hand in hand...literally....I laughed so hard while searching craft rooms on pinterest...I did not see one room that had a jar of candy....seriously, I know we all do it!
Fourth...Organize your fabric by color hues and try to cut/size your scraps by projects....fat quarters, charm squares, etc. I like to have my half hard fabrics in baskets for that "splash of inspirational color"...fold in thirds and roll for a space saver.
Fifth...Wrap your fabrics with large yard quantities on cardboard (you can get them for free at your local fabric/quilt shops...just ask)...this is a great time saver technique if you "pre-iron" your fabric for your projects.
Sixth...."Tag" your fabrics if you washed them...nothing can be worse to go back on your stash and wonder if you washed them or not...if you're like me and iron them it does make it difficult to tell sometimes.
Seventh...Have your cutting and or sewing table at a great height....preferably your sewing machine should be at desk level (insert) for easier access (less strain on wrists) and your cutting table needs to be at a height that is comfortable for your back. If you are not can't create!
Eighth...Lighting, as a designer I cannot stress this enough to have adequate lighting. If you don't have recessed can lights in your room simply do this...if you have a ceiling fan with directional lighting attached, simply add bulbs per watts of areas you need most. Mine has 5 lights and needless to say two have low watts in them due to where they shine.
Ninth...If possible invest in a craft lamp that you can move around with you from space to space, allowing you to have that extra direct lighting when needed.
Tenth...This actually goes for color inspiration....invest in "Aurifil thread chart"....great way to audition your fabric and thread if you are an internet shopper, it's a wonderful way to actually see your thread hues at hand....if you're like me "display it" for that inspirational color!
Eleventh...Invest in a "over the door" shoe holder to house your craft/sewing items...great space saver for small rooms...I have a bi-fold closet door and it will still work, just maneuver it until it hangs correctly.
Twelve...Invest @ dollar store...2 pk sweater/storage bags (18 x 12 x3 in.) are wonderful for storing your projects at hand and are great for taking projects to quilt functions as well.
Thirteen...if possible find a "Armoire" that you can use to store your scrap booking and or fabric etc. in. I love mine due to "closing" all of the items that I don't want "Lottie" to get into!
Thirteen...Check out "yard sales" for that ugly chest that is priced to get rid of...take it home pull out the drawers, paint it...put baskets in place of the drawers and you have a great/inexpensive organizer!
Here's an additional tip...if your drawers are somewhat reusable, use them as shelves on your wall & use some splash of fabric for color inspiration on the inside wall of drawer...showcase your collectibles!
Fourteen...Organize your ideas/projects in binders (label on outside for each project) if possible store away in your armoire for a space saver. Inspirational tips... view that card that you received with an inspirational photo...I have many patterns that have been inspired by a card that I received.. Take a walk "with mother nature" will be surprised of how something so simple trigger that creative wave you need!
Fifteen...and probably the most important comfortable while doing your crafts/ can find an office chair at a yard sale and paint the color if it doesn't suit you...just cover the fabric/cushion before doing so and then use a fabric hue to match your décor and reupholster the seat cushion..."Comfy & Cheap"

"As I always say...Be You...Be Creative...and Design like Nobody is Watching!"
Have a Safe & Wonderful 2015!
"Blessings from our Home to Yours"

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hey quilter's...does the tune of "all I want for Christmas" come to mind...well, here's a wonderful last-minute gift idea that any quilter/crafter will love! Can you imagine receiving 4 of your favorite things all wrapped up in one sweet Christmas gift. If you are attending a "Quilt Christmas gift exchange" you will definitely be the hit of the party. So easy to spools of Aurifil thread (I recommend a neutral w/at least a couple of fun/bright color hues), a coffee mug, a single flavor or coffee (you can also use hot chocolate or teas) and some Christmas candy (chocolate of course). Use clear gift wrap so you can see all that "yummy goodness" inside and tie off with a decorative ribbon. A sweet, fast, inexpensive last minute gift idea for Christmas or any special occasion. Definitely a "Quilter's D.I.Y" gift and if you are in the need of "cleaning your stash", throw in a couple of "charm squares" of your Christmas Stash. If using this wonderful idea for a "Birthday gift" or a "Just Because Gift" embellish your items with his/hers likes & coordinate your charm squares to their style/décor. Select your Aurifil thread to coordinate with your charm squares for that perfect gift!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hey quilters....I'm sure we can all use an easy last minute gift idea with Christmas fast approaching. Well, I've been working on these fun and easy "Crazy block design hot pads". They really are a lot of fun cause you can just make up the design as you go, plus what a wonderful way to use some of your "Christmas Stash". I embellished the design with 5 different decorative stitches using "Aurifil 50 weight, #2250" (excellent thread if you are not already using)...and to make it easy, I did the decorative stitches first due to the thickness of the "heat resistant pad that I will insert before adding backing and binding" you can see it's a work in progress (note: last minute gift idea) can't go wrong no matter what size you end up with...just square up with your ruler to your desired size and add your heat resistant filler, backing, binding. The decorative stitches add that sweet touch to enhance your fabric and design. I love "crazy blocks" cause you don't have to be perfect (yes, coming from a pattern designer) you just let your "artistic mind take control". Also, a wonderful project for a beginner quilter and great project for kids to do as well. You get that wonderful satisfaction of finishing something "in a day", and a wonderful gift to give to a loved one. As always, you can email me if you have any q's. Merry Christmas & enjoy the countdown 'til Santa comes!

Blessed Quilting from Our Home to Yours"