Thursday, July 28, 2016

"What 2do B4 your Bobbin runs out of AURIfil thread"

Hey Quilters...we all dread the "Bobbin Running Out of Thread Syndrome", much less thinking of wasting a strand of AURIfil makes me sick. Well, it happens to be July and I was trying for once to get a head of Christmas gifts this year. So I came up with this sweet gift idea you actually can do all year round and you will have gifts ready to go when needed for that special someone. Plus, here it goes....the best "Stash Buster" ever due to the small scale of the project. "You can't get any better then this,Not wasting AURIFIL thread, gift idea all year plus Stash Buster"................
                                                         .....The sweatiest "Mug Rug"
Here's what to do....I had scraps from a gift that I was using on...the scraps had the fused backing on them plus they were bright batiks from Hoffman fabrics so I definitely wanted to use them again somehow. I am also determined to make some sweet gifts for Christmas this year and what a sweet gift, a "Mug Rug". So before my bobbin runs out, when I am at the point of possibly messing up my sewing/quilting line, I will STOP and grab a ":MUG RUG" and applique or quilt until the bobbin runs "TOTALLY OUT". I am not wasting a bit of my thread plus I am not sewing "4ever" until I finally realize my bobbin actually did run out. Oh my gosh...forty years later and that still happens to me! I'm working on a Christmas gift or gift for any occasion and have to admit taking a break from a large project and doing a small one makes you feel you accomplished something! Anyway, give it a try...they are easy and a lot of fun. Enjoy!
"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

Before you begin...sketch/design your project. I love Hexes so I cut two 6x6" green Batik squares.
Place squares w/right sides together.
Trace your Hexagon with pencil on fabric
(mark about a inch opening for ease when turning fabric inside out)
Sew on line leaving opening
(I back stich at beginning and end fore reinforcement when turning fabric inside out)
Carefully cut access fabric away (about an eighth inch up to sewing line
Turn inside out with right sides facing you & using a the eraser part of a pencil carefully form the corners of the Hexagon shape and finger press smooth.
CUT about an eighth smaller of your shape you are using of "INSUL-BRIGHT" insulated lining and insert into opening (use pencil eraser to maneuver into corners)
Finger press smooth (trust me on these small projects...your fingers & pencil eraser will be your go to TOOLS ;-)
Fuse your design of scrap fabrics and it's ready to use when needed. I use double sided fusible web a lot on my projects so must of my "SCRAPS" are good to go!
*This project I used 6 leaves....fused and appliqued around each one and then added 6 more leaves for the layered look on design.
When finished you can applique around edges and that will close your opening that you still have.. You can see that is my next step on mine!
*This design roughly finishes out to a 5x5" Hexagon Mug Rug
Again....sweet gift...not wasting any thread....using up those scraps/stash and if you're like me, practicing quilting stitches or continuous line quilting on a small project for expertise on larger ones.
Get creative...endless possibilities for these sweet gifts. Plus, I have to say this is a fun gift to do with a child as well. I will be posting other designs and Christmas gifts a long the way. Christmas will be here before we know it :-) Enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Lights On...No Action!...."Thank God I don't have a Parrott in my sewing room\"

Hey quilters....hope all is going well with everyone. It's not everyday that I share a "red moment" but feel my costly mistake may be a time-saver for someone else. And needless to say...officially old when you share moments like this and absolutely don't mind humiliating myself while doing so. Reminds me of my sweet Gramma Stetson always saying "learn by my mistakes". Well.....yesterday while working on a very important project, I go to my quilting machine to do the very detailed part of the quilting. Needless to say....two days earlier this week I had just switched out one of my machines on the same "sewing table". Yes, I am sure that I am not the only one that has more then one sewing machine and perhaps has a favorite sewing desk and shifts machines around in the sewing room depending on project...right??? Well, here is where I am so thankful that I don't have a Parrott in my sewing room...
I plug in all the cords...everything fits and lights come on my Husqvarna...all the "lights come on" and I go to start quilting and NOTHING HAPPENDS! What!...I just used you and you were not now...this can't be happening to me...well and yes a few other words kind a sorta "slipped" out of my mouth. Oh my goodness....I checked everything...cords fine.....actually cleaned out bobbin area thinking something might be in the way causing needle not to move. I did not sewing machine in on....all lit action. I kept pressing on the "foot control"...nothing! Yes, maybe some of you are already going..."I know what Cat did...that's hilarious! No it's not....thirty minutes later...yes, I realized that I plugged in the wrong foot control to my machine. Janome foot control prong fit my Husqvarna machine. Although it may not have worked that stupid thing fit! Needless to say....all my cords are now labeled per machine! I have 3 sewing desks and several machines so I don't want to ever go through this again! Oh my goodness...I have been sewing sense I was 9 and have never had such a stupid moment like this while sewing. Well...maybe sewing my pockets on the right side instead of the inside may come close :-) Needless to say, a few minutes of labeling foot controls will be a "time-saver" in the long run! But here's the thing.... pondering why it fit in the first yes... I did explore...a lot of my machines have the same prong attachment....go figure! #neveradullmomentinthequiltingworld! :-)

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Hey Quilters...if you do alterations like me but cringe when someone asks you to patch their favorite jeans, then you will appreciate this fast tip. I cannot stand to struggle while sewing jeans...even with an open arm, it's still frustrating especially with a long legged pair of jeans. Well, here's a tip...
open up the outer seam of leg of jeans (trust me this few extra minutes will be worth it) and now your area of jeans that needs to be patched is so much easier to maneuver while sewing. Patch as desired and sew the leg seam back up!  I like to use Aurifil 50 weight for strength and depending on the color of your jeans they have so many color ways to choose from. Also, if you are a seamstress or quilter this is a great time to use those not so sharp needles that you hate to throw away. I keep some stuck in an old piece of jeans so I know they are used strictly for patching. Also, make your own patches by using old jean fabric and double sided fusible web. A stylish hint....patch on the inside so your jeans still keep their stylish integrity on the outside (who would have thought that the more tattered your jeans were the more stylish you are) But as I say...everything has their time and purpose :-) Anyway, hope this helps!
Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours!,
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Aurifil Thread..."A Motivational Healer"

Hey Quilters....hope everyone is doing well and trying to stay cool in this heat wave. You may think the topic for the blog is odd but until you have been down in your back for several months and can't even sit or stand, well lets just say you look for things to inspire your healing. That's right...
Aurifil thread...
oh my goodness, the bright bold colors motivated me to heal, do what the doctor ordered so I can get back to my sewing machine. I was down in my back for several months recently and I would walk by my thread and talk to it...(probably shouldn't admit that but I'm sure I am not alone). Not being able to hardly walk or sit for so long was so depressing and frustrating. I needed to motivate myself due to not doing back injections again and deciding to do a topical pain reliever. I'm one of the fortunate ones that's allergic to pain meds. We finally found a compound crème that works wonderful. Only doesn't smell horrible and bees now seem to think they can "pollinate off me". Scary when you are allergic to bees. Anyway, my display of Aurifil thread, seeing those bright colors motivated me to keep focused. Especially when you know you have a long journey ahead of you. Don't get me wrong....I do physical therapy exercises everyday, use my pain meds, pray like crazy, but seeing something and focusing on a goal to help you heal faster worked for me. I could not wait to get back to doing my projects! It's still baby steps...I sit for about 15 minutes at a time...get up, do my stretches...cry and go never know what is going to happen so make the most of each day and cherish every moment! One good thing due to all my recent down time...I have some sweet inspirational designs coming soon. Amazing how mother nature can inspire you when you are forced to take walks :-)

Blessed Quilting from Our Home to Yours,
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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Hey quilters....hope all is going well....I wanted to share my easy & fun technique for hanging rulers plus if you haven't tried these rulers...well ya need too! I was blessed to receive the whole collection of Kaye Englands "Cut for the Cure" ruler collection a few years back from my mom-in-law. I love having the rulers displayed for creativity. You would be surprised of how a ruler can inspire a quilt design. I also had this old worn out hutch that I absolutely love. It's old...worn out and a tad-bit wrinkled...kinda like me. I did not want to paint it or even change out the drawer pulls (see miss-matched) cause I thought well if this hutch could talk I am sure it has some major stories to tell. Anyway, this project was so fast & easy and inexpensive. My kind of project!
     All I did was...make a template of the top arch of the panel and then cut to scale using "Chalkboard Fabric". I love this fabric for fun/easy projects. Then used wood glue to adhere it to hutch. Waited a day to make sure I didn't have any areas to touch up(that part killed me). Then...oh my gosh...have to stop a sec...a herd of 11 does and a sweet buck just went across front property...mother nature at it's finest! Anyway, back to the rulers...then strategically placed the rulers and used push pins to hang them. After I was happy with the placement of rulers, I used my chalk pen to write each rulers name, Oh my gosh...these rulers not only help a cure with purchase (Breast Cancer) but are excellent when cutting fabric & designing. I absolutely love them! Anyway, hope everyone has a great "quilting weekend"...enjoy!

"Blessed Quilting from Our Home to Yours"

                                                 "a little scruffy pic but love my hutch"

Monday, January 11, 2016

"LoVe my Fat Quarters"

Well....happy 2016 everyone! First I have to say...a dear Pastor of ours once said "what happened yesterday can't happen today 'cause now you are aware of it". I have to say...2015 was a pure example of that saying. I haven't blogged sense June of 2015 due to some tragedies that hit our family starting in July. But now looking back we are blessed 'cause we got through them with the grace of God & we are still here, fighting everyday but still here! Sometimes you need to focus on the everyday stuff verses what you enjoy. Let me tell ya 2015 was that year. Lately I've come to realize it's not what or whom you want to be but lovin' who you are. I know a little cliche' but it's true. With all the stress in 2015, I started stress eating again. Not very happy with myself due to I had lost 20 pounds earlier in the year. I had gained 50 lbs. in the past several years due to my ankle accident in 2007 and lack of mobility. Needless to say..."I'm a little mad that 10 of those lost pounds found me again". Weird how that happens...must have left a trail of bread crumbs behind!
     Anyway, it's a new year and for those of you who know's back to basics again! I have a quilt to finish! Previously, I had blogged about how I am making a quilt out of the jeans that I cut up when loosing weight. I have to really works. Oh my gosh how I have been frustrated putting the pounds back on. I've cut up my jeans and seriously uncomfortable in my current ones. If that doesn't make you stick to the plan, nothing will. I have been determined to stay focused. Mostly due to who has money to waist buying jeans." Miss Me" jeans have a new meaning with me...I won't "Miss You". But in the meantime, I have to happy with who you are 'cause nobody does it better and most of all "Love your Fat Quarters":-) Anyway....part two will be coming up next week of how the "jean quilt" is progressing using "Aurifil thread".

"Quilt Blessings from Our Home to Yours",
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