Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Tis the Season everyone....some of us might be scrambling to think of a thoughtful gift for our friends and loved ones. We don't need to go shopping for this one...I say..."Quilt it Forward". Go attack your scraps...cut some "charm squares" or "fat quarters" and put together a "no cost" thoughtful gift! This is when you can get really creative at not cost...just your time. We all love to "pay it forward"...doing something nice for someone especially this time of year. Recently, my neighbor came over and we were in  my quilt/sewing room....she asked if I would teach her to quilt this coming year. Wow, I was so excited just thinking of how special that would be passing on a wonderful tradition. I'm going to start her out slow with a "Puppy Lap Quilt" for her dogs...something fast with easy piecing but fabulous. You can design your own pattern or search a pattern off the web to download with your scraps. Dig into your thread stash and add some coordinating thread or embellishments to your gift. Make your "gift tag" your instruction tag as well and tie with a quilting tool that your not using. This would also be a wonderful way to Craft it Forward, Sew it Forward, Clean it Forward and above all "Pray it Forward". If your kids are looking for a project this Christmas break have them design their own project for helping others. 4-H kids....this would be a wonderful community service and or leadership project as well. So many of us get wrapped up in the holiday shopping spree...myself included....but it's nice to sit back and have fun making those homemade gifts! Hope everyone has a Blessed Christmas and keep those tips coming. Were getting settled in and the blog will be full speed ahead this coming year! I've truly enjoyed everyone's tips and especially thankful for your comments and prayers sent during our moving time to Texas. So Blessed to be back near our family!

Christmas Blessings from our Home to Yours!
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hey quilters....I've received several tips on organizing a sewing room ( between us I cannot use the term..." clutter" in my sewing room....fabric is not clutter :-) Well...I've saved the tips to make a nice interesting article that you can even print out if needed. I know when I'm working on a project and  need some extra "punch" in a design it's nice to go to my organized stash of fabric. If your sewing room is small like mine these tips will come in handy! Anyway, thanks for sending in your tips!

DESIGN WALL...small, medium and large for your layout of current project and when you get an inspiration of your next.
CORKBOARD SQUARES...adhere to a closet door wall to organize your cutting rulers with pegs for easy accessibility.
CUTTING TABLE...purchase or create one of your own that is "Sturdy" and has storage space underneath for shelves or containers to "stash" your fabrics
CREATE A "L" SHAPE...sewing room to organize your furniture around the perimeter of your room.
ANTIQUE CORNER CABINETS and CHESTS....make adorable storage areas plus gives your room a less industrial feel while being creative
STASH...take a few minutes with scraps and cut immediately into "charm squares"...organize them by size and store/label for future use
CARDBOARD....use extra holders that your fabric store gives away and use them to wrap your pre-washed and ironed fabric on....
ORGANIZE BY COLOR AND SEASON....love this tip....creating that easy "go to" color when needed for projects
CASTERS...purchase/build tables and cabinets on casters for easy accessibility and flexibility of usage of space
PROJECT INSPIRATION WALL...have a "mini" peg wall for your goals of the week or month. I go to the next extreme....I put pics of the grandkids to make me smile when I get frustrated on a project.
2 PK SWEATER STORAGE BAGS....purchase at dollar store are great for temporary storing your projects and great for traveling to your quilt workshops.
UTILIZE THE SPACE ABOVE YOUR WINDOWS...place shelves to store baskets, quilt books etc.
I love this one....I use baskets and pre-cut my strips for projects and loosely hang them over the baskets for easy accessibility
STASH BASKET....hang a basket by your cutting table to discard your scraps in for later cutting
ORGANIZE YOUR THREAD....by color and style ( hand sewing, machine quilting etc)
MINI CUTTING MAT....by your sewing table for easy accessibility to trim while sewing
IRON....I have one by sewing machine to press seams while sewing along with the great tip above!
STORAGE BASKETS....clear storage containers to hold same size cuts of fabric....label outside for easy access
JARS....create a accessory magnetic wall to store pins etc in magnetic tins (cute one)
DOOR STORAGE....utilize the back of doors to use "clear over the door shoe holders" to store your items for easy access and visibility
UNDER WINDOWS....create a storage unit under windows to utilize that space of 18-24" depending on window size
PORTABLE IRON BOARD....on your cutting table for small projects
INDUSTRIAL CABINETS....great for storing plus magnetic holders are easy accessible for items
FLOORING....have low maintenance floors in sewing room for cleaning plus easy movement of cabinets, storage units with casters
COLOR....create color for your inspiration in your sewing room
COFFEE POT...I love this one....have a small 4 cup handy in sewing room
Thanks for the tips....keep them coming!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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Monday, August 12, 2013


Good morning quilters...recently I was asked what rulers that I like to use. I have to tell you that thanks to my "Mother in Law's" wonderful birthday present last year, I fell in love with these. They are "Cut for the Cure Rulers by Nifty Notions". Mom has a special reason for this gift due to she's a "Breast Cancer Survivor". These rulers are designed by Kaye England and  a portion of sales proceeds go directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The rulers are designed with a Breast Cancer awareness theme. The 12 rulers in the collection consists of 3 squares, 3 rectangles, and 6 specialty rulers. They have bright pink and green lines, allowing them to work on light and dark fabrics. Each ruler have sight lines every sixteenth inch and sight holes at every inch intersection. If you buy the complete package you get a wonderful DVD with Kaye England demonstrating each use of ruler with helpful tips. Quilters.....I have to say...they are wonderful and easy to use plus you are helping a great cause! You can go to Kaye England website for more information.
Keep the tips or q's coming!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hey quilters....hope everyone is back safe and sound from family vacations before the hustle of "back to school". Blog tips were slow last week but thanks for sending tips this week. I had to post this info in the meantime. I received this info and the website has the most adorable miniature quilt stand holders. They have "Table Top" metal quilt stand holders plus wall hangers as well. You can purchase individual "headers" to change out seasonally. They would make adorable stands for those Christmas presents when you like to add that personal touch. Anyway, the prices are reasonable so check it out at ackfeldwire.com. Thanks for sending in that great Holiday tip! Keep them coming!

"Blessed Quilting from Our Home to Yours"
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Friday, July 19, 2013


Hey quilters....it's hard to believe it's Friday already! Hope everyone is having a great week and getting those projects going for Christmas. Before we know it Santa will be going HO, HO, HO and if your like, you'll be going NO, NO, NO! I am determined this year to get my gifts done ahead of time due to me making gifts for other people. I can definitely say with this heat I'd rather be inside quilting :-) Anyway, here are some tips of the week along with a segment on controlling our borders. Thanks for sending in tips....keep them coming!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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*Gather fabric cardboard holders from local quilt shops to use in your sewing room. Pre-wash and iron your fabrics and wrap on cardboards and you are "good to go" for your next project.
* At your next quilt meeting or retreat...make re-usable "quilt-tags" instead of just your ordinary
name tag....again a gift they can re-use....have a segment on how to make them as well.
* Save your plastic drink containers to safely dispose of your rotary cutting blades.
* Sweet quilt hanger for small projects....use a twisted cord drapery tie-back
* Use a clip-board stand to display your quilt design on table next to your sewing machine to have design to reflect on as needed.
* Organize your scraps into plastic containers by colors and prints....cut into charm squares for your next scrap quilt.

Helpful tips so we don't get "wavy borders"
* Cut your border strips to fit your top...instead of pre-cut strips
* Cut borders on the lengthwise grain of fabric are easier to bind....edges are more stable
* To help keep crosswise grain fabric stable use spray starch on fabric before cutting.
* While laying your quilt layers together for basting/quilting....place on a smooth/flat surface

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hey quilters....it's hard to believe it's July already. I was in a store the other day and Christmas d├ęcor is already out. With the birth of our Grandson Davin, I designed this quilt for his first Christmas. It's a fast and easy pattern and is absolutely adorable when finished. You can personalize it with your family's names or makes an adorable gift to in laws with the grandchildren's names on it as well. Pattern will be 10% off the month of July to help you get a "jump start" on your Christmas Gifts! We are also offering 10% off custom orders this month if you do not wish to make the pattern yourself.
Email me to receive mailing instructions. Enjoy!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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52 X 60
Copyright, Children's Couture by Cat, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013


Hey quilters...Thank God I Quilt and it's Friday!....hope everyone had a great week. I've received several tips this week. Always remember....they may be old news to an experienced quilter but someone just starting out may really appreciate your tips. Sometimes sharing our mistakes can really be a time saver for someone else. Also, wanted to share my "cutting table" that my husband made me from  his Grandfather's 3/4 bed. Doug made a table insert to go between the headboard and footboard. The 3/4 bed was hand made and carved from his grandfather. We are estimating it's at least 90 years old. Now that's re-purposing and twice treasured. The cutting table is a hit when the quilting ladies come over! Recently submitted photo/article to Fon's and Porter Tip T.V. segment and they replied back this morning that it's going on to the producer. If we get selected for the tip segment we receive a year's subscription to their magazine. Wish us luck!
Anyway, thanks so much for sending in your tips. Keep them coming!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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* Attach scraps from quilt on the back of the quilt that can be later used from patching if needed along with your quilt label.
* Use your ironing board along side your sewing table to help balance the weight of quilt while machine quilting
* The dollar store has garden gloves that are rubber backed that are great to use while machine quilting (rubber helps grip fabric while free-motion quilting)
* Always cut your strips on the bias for curved applique' pieces/binding curved edges. It's cut on a 45* angle to the salvage and has the most stretch (wonderful for stems, etc)
* When cutting strips for a quilt she attaches them with a small clothespins (from craft stores) to a wire hanger so they are available as needed
* Going to quilt guild mtg's with your work in progress...she takes her extra thread wound in bobbins to save on space. No need to carry the extra large spools :-)
* Puzzle mats are great for folding up your work in progress when going to workshops etc.
* When storing quilts she uses "swimming pool noodles" to help eliminate creases if folded. Wrap noodle with your left over batting to protect the quilts. Again. the dollar store has these in season right now
* Extra quilt squares ...join them together to make a charity quilt!

email me if anyone would like to know how Doug created this :-)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hey....received this tip and have to say I personally experienced this first hand. She recommended taking your magazines once viewed (new or old) to your local hospitals, churches etc. Many hospitals have chemo centers and patients would love to view a magazine to help keep their minds off of what they are experiencing during treatments. Also, you can contact your local hospice centers to donate them to local families. Local Churches also have members that are recuperating at home and would greatly appreciate magazines to read during their down time. I know personally, during all 4 ankle surgeries that I had within the last four years, I would have gone nuts without Moms quilt books. I had healing difficulties after my surgeries and had leg elevated for several months. I went through over 150 of her quilt books and magazines. Sometimes it's the "little things" that can brighten someone's day. So recycle those magazines!
Thanks so much for sharing this great tip. Keep them coming!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hey....had an email in regards to the post yesterday "Tis the Season...A Gift that Keeps on Giving".
She reminded me that not everyone is a quilter and the gift idea was great for her quilting friends. She could put it together and not have to quilt anything! So true! A lot of people love the history of quilts that are not interested in learning to quilt. Thank God gave us all special talents! Thanks so much for emailing your comment. If anyone has a tip/comment please email them. That's what this is all about..."Sharing Quilting Tips w/ Friends"

"Blessed Quilting from Our Home to Yours"
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Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey quilters....I can't believe it's July already and before you know it we'll be in that holiday rush of getting the right gift for our loved ones. I personally, am going to try something new this year, gifts ready ahead of time. Anyone that knows me is probably laughing right now. Well, recently I came up with this gift giving idea for fellow quilters..."A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING". What's amazing is that you may already have these items in your quilt room to keep the costs at a minimum. This is also a wonderful idea for quilt guilds and church fundraisers as well. Here's the best "Tip" make some ahead for that quick birthday gift that catches us all by surprise. Enjoy!

* Choose your favorite "Miniature Quilt Pattern" or get creative and design one of your own.

* Purchase or use from your "stash" a 3/4 yard of fabric that will be used as your dominant fabric and backing/binding of your miniature quilt

* For coordinating fabric of design, fan fold some "fat quarters" (18" x 20")

* Cut" binding strips" to use as ribbons to tie your gift

* Instead of bows, embellish your gift with "Yoyo's" with coordinating fabric
  " enclose instructions for making yoyo's with your gift"

* Wrap your gift using "quilt basting pins" to safely secure your gift

* If using a basket (one might use for storage in their sewing/quilting room) line it with your 1/2 yard of your dominant fabric that you chose

* Enclose batting (cut to size of your design) and coordinating quilting thread

* Design a "quilt tag" and enclose an extra one for them to use later on

Once they have completed their gift from you, they now have a gift for someone else.
"A gift that keeps on giving"...Enjoy!

"Blessed Quilting from Our Home to Yours"
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Good morning....I have to say this is my favorite time of year. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming and it's gardening time. With the summer fun comes "Fair Time"...yes entering your most valuable possessions...."Your Quilts". If you're like me, you've worked hard at designing it, picking out just the right fabric and maybe even changing it around a time tor two. Maybe I am speaking for myself but when I go and see a "participant ribbon" hanging on my most "precious quilt" and not my "blue ribbon"...well let's just say it's going to be a long evening :-) When I was a 4-H leader I taught the kids it's not what ribbon you get it's how you enjoyed your project and what you've learned while doing so, it's making memories as I love to say. But, I have to say as an adult that has changed :-) So when I received this email with this wonderful tip I could not wait to share it! As you read the tips you may already be doing some of them...."I know I do" :-)
Anyway, lots of tips came in so I'm in the process of getting them together but had to get this one out!
As always, thanks for sending in tips!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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Step 1...BURN THE REJECTION NOTICE..."safely of course"....rip it into tiny pieces!

Step 2...HAVE A DAY OF MOURNING...remember all the fun you had making your "prize       

Step 3...HAVE A GOOD CRY...use some of your scraps to wipe the tears!

Step 4...GET A TATTOO...one might say..."I love my quilts"....but remember what tattoos look like   as we age....so make it LARGE :-)


Step 6...WRITE A TUNE OF LAMENT...in my case I've already made everyone around me mad cause I'm in a bad mood...they surely don't need me singing...but try it anyway :-)

Step 7...EAT CHOCOLATE....no explanation there!!!!

Step 8...COMPLAIN TO YOUR FRIENDS...make audacious claims of incompetence in the quilt-judging system...none of us ever do that :-)


Step 10...BUY THE QUILT SHOW...if you own the quilt show you can have your quilts on display all the time....I would always hand out "BLUE PARTICIPANT RIBBONS" :-)

Step 11...HANG THE REJECTED QUILT IN A PROMINENT SPOT...kiss is every morning, pat it on the binding, and tell it how beautiful it is! Love this one!

Step 12....MAKE A NEW QUILT :-)
After all....if we've done all these steps we should feel "refreshed" to start our next design! :-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Making Memories one Mile at a Time"

Hey quilters....recently went on a "road trip" with my in laws and wanted to bring something interesting for mom and I to do. We are both quilters so I figured she might take some projects to work on. Sometimes I tend to "talk a lot" so I thought this trip I would sit back and enjoy the countryside and give my hubby a break. While packing I thought this is the time to break out all those quilt magazines that Mom has been saving. That's right Quilt magazines that dated from the 80's. As we sat in the back and passed the magazines it was nice to hear stories of how some of her friends had made certain quilt designs from the magazines. How she remembered certain "quilt vests" that she had made to wear to quilt shows. How quilt designs/patterns have changed. Quilt techniques are more advanced especially with all our "time saving techniques". Now technology has made designing quilts so wonderful with EQ7 etc. I personally, when learning to quilt would have never imagined me designing quilts on a computer. As we shared stories I thought..."The one thing that should never change is the "Hands on Memories" that you create with time spent with family". When planning your next "road trip" bring something that might trigger those quilt memories that you might have forgotten. As I say....you are "Making Memories one Mile at a Time"
Here's some tips that have been sent in too share....thanks so much and keep the tips coming!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
email tips: cmhdesigns2@yahoo.com

* Invest in two irons....have one for your pressing/steaming fabrics and one for fusing appliques etc.
   Use non-stick reusable pressing sheets....works wonders and keeps irons clean.

* Always have your thumb handy....cheapest, and most convenient iron "finger pressing" and you
    steam is always available :-)

* Pipe cleaners are great for cleaning out the bobbin area of sewing machine

* Use a black permanent marker to mark the tip of your thread to make threading a needle easier.
   I like to mark my sewing machine needle "eye" as well :-)

* Grab the empty cardboard that fabric comes on...it's free!!! Wash and press your fabric and wrap\
   back on the cardboard and your fabric is ready for your next project!

* Save your quilt batting scraps....works great for packaging those delicate items when  moving
   or storing

*Wrap a scrap piece of batting around a ruler, secure with a rubber band and dust in between the
   slats of blinds. Works wonderful!

* Cut squares from your scraps at the time you are working on projects and label and store in a bin.
   Love this one and I am going to "Try" it :-)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Good morning quilters! First I have to say "Thank you" for sending in tips. I love to look at the "stats" especially sense this is a new quilt blog. I was so amazed to see the hits from other countries! It brought back so many memories. I remember growing up in Germany as a child seeing quilts hanging from windows on Saturday mornings. I asked my dad why they hung "blankets" out of their windows. I remember dad saying..."Don't know"....hmm....dad was always had a "short and sweet comment" :-) I remember asking him if I could hang my blankets out of my bedroom window....his reply was 'No"...again, that did not work for a little six year old red-head! We lived off base and the homes were so amazing....to this day they have inspired me as a designer. Anyway...I went across the street...knocked on the door....and this sweet German lady answered....I asked her why her blankets are hanging out of her windows....she replied....well, honestly to this day I am not sure :-)...I left and walked down the street to the next house and finally got an answer I could sort of understand. Another sweet German lady replied...."They are Quilts and they are hung to freshen them"....well...I asked WHY?....I bet my parents were so glad when I got out of the "why stage"....anyway, she told me "why" and asked "don't you have a quilt? Well...no I didn't!!! She said everyone should have a quilt they are made with love. Hmmm....I remember going home and trying to open the shutters and finally hanging my "blanket" out the window. It was fun while it lasted....Dad came home and needless to say I had to bring my blanket back in! To this day I love to air my quilts on the clothes line. Some memories are triggered for a reason. As they say "Quilts are Ties that Bind People Together."
Well, today's tip is a funny one. When I read this one I couldn't help but laugh. But on the serious note these tips will help to prevent you from sitting for a long time while sewing/quilting.

*Have your ironing board on the other side of the room of your sewing machine so you have to "get up" to press your seams. Just think if you have a lot of seams in your design you should average a half-mile to a mile walk daily!

*If you accidently drop a few scraps of fabric on the floor, just think of them as "stomach crunches" as you get them. And if you're like me I tend to do that a lot :-)

*While fabric shopping...don't pick up those "Fat Quarter's" find the "heavy bolt of fabric" and carry that to the cutting table. That's right ladies....you just worked out your "upper arms". Make several trips and you worked out your calves as well :-)

Well....you know me....here's the best tip that I am going to share that works for me...."Always have your candy jar full of your favorite chocolates adjacent to your sewing machine and your ironing board and you will definitely get a "full workout"...works for me anyway!

As always....thanks for sharing your tips!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hey quilters....received this email and it's the most amazing story of a woman who quilts and she is blind. She is so talented and blessed of how God has given her a different avenue in her life. She is truly and amazing woman and an inspiration to us all!!! She will make you laugh, cry and definitely make you realize you can handle any obstacles in your life with the " Grace of God".
Thanks so much for emailing this one!
view @...Blind Quilter (Texas Country Reporter) YouTube

"Blessings from our Home to Yours",
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Monday, May 27, 2013

"Quilt Terms vs Medical Terms"

Good morning...I know that sounds weird and believe me of how shocked I was when asked these questions at my recent doctor's visit. We think a lot of how our Grandmother's quilted when we hear the term "Family History". I often wonder who taught them to quilt or some even just "tied" the blankets together to get them finished faster due to the weather. I came from a line of knitters and started sewing at seven but didn't learn to quilt until my twenties. The term "Back in the Day" I always thought of how those special memories of when your grandparents told you sweet stories of how they sacrificed to get where they are today....how phones are different now "Party lines vs Cell Phones" :-)...when jeans were worn at the waist not at the knees  (oops that will be my conversation with my grandsons :-)
Now you can just imagine my confused face leaving the doctor's office of how my life changed in a ten minute doctors visit. Just because I'm approaching the "5" area in my life now "Family History" refers to medical history of who had what and when. He didn't even care that my Aunt knitted until she passed away or that my Grandmother was still playing the piano on her 100th birthday! The term "Back in the Day" now means the "food" you used to eat when and where you wanted and how much! Due to this, I decided to finally start my own quilt...it will be from scraps....it won't matter if the sewing lines are crooked (like my back) and it won't matter how much it weighs due to the width and height of the quilt..(.I hate that chart doc's use) and it will be soft and comfy and maybe even a little bit tattered...just like me! :-) Yes it stinks getting older but I still am going to associate these terms with Quilting. Just seems to make life more pleasant! Anyway, here are some tips from a recent quilt meeting. As always, keep the tips coming!
Have a Blessed Memorial Day!!!

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"
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This is a great tip if  you are storing your quilts or especially if you are traveling to a quilt show and need a space saving tip. This helps to get rid of the center crease when folding quilts plus helps preserve the integrity of both the batting fibers and the fabric.
1. Lay quilt flat
2. Fold the corners one at a time towards the center of the quilt
3. Keep folding in the corners until the quilt is the desired size for storing

Great tip! Thanks for sharing!!!
I like to display Moms quilts. I rotate them around so they don't hang a certain way for a length of time. It's hard for me to not have them displayed. I walk by them and always wonder what stories were told while making them.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Good morning....recently had a magazine exchange through our church quilt club and came across this "old quilt magazine" and loved this story.  I know a lot of us all have the same reasons for quilting...gifts for our special loved ones....quilts from scraps to pass down for generations,.entering quilt shows,.charity quilts and maybe even one for ourselves (when we have time)....but here it is ladies....the best reason I think anyway and I didn't even realize it myself...."POWER"!!!!!!!
Have you noticed how the majority of entities in our lives offer us little input or even a chance to make suggestions? We get told what to do...when to do it and how. But when making a Quilt rules change. From choosing the pattern or design until the last stitch is in place, my quilt is mine. I made the choices. The design, quality of work in its actual construction is mine. From choosing the fabric to the time evolved in it's actual finish is under my control. "Power at your fingertips" :-)

I love this lady!!! Now I know why when I get frustrated... I grab a cup of coffee....head to my quilt room and shut the door!!!! :-)
Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours!
email tips: cmhdesigns2@yahoo.com

NOTE:  If you have a story or an article that you would like to share email them to me as well. We all can use a laugh while quilting!!!!

Finally...High Speed Internet!!!

Yes....we finally have it...."high speed internet"
Sorry for the delay of posting your tips but it has been difficult on our old dial up. Will be getting your tips caught up. Keep them coming!
Blessed Quilting,

Monday, January 14, 2013

Squares in a Fat Quarter & Cutting Formula

Hey everyone...hope you are enjoying the sun this morning! I had an email requesting this and I have to admit I carry this formula with me when choosing fat quarters. Please keep in mind that it's based off a yard of 44" wide fabric. Below is also a tip on cutting half-square triangles using a Fat Quarter. Also, if you are planning on fussy cutting a design you should take the extra step and buy a little more fabric due to the repeats on patterns. Thanks for the emails and hope these "Tips" help!

*Formula based off a 18x44" width of fabric and using a rotary cutter for precise measuring...
99- 2" sq
56- 2 1/2"
42- 3"
30- 3 1/2"
20- 4"
16- 4 1/2"
12- 5 1/2 "
9- 6"
6- 6 1/2'
*HINT: when cutting odd sizes (3/8, 7/8) etc. I cut larger and then square up after...this is especially helpful when rotary cutting...less stress :-)

*Fast Grid method using a Fat Quarter (Cat's favorite)
Determine your finished size of your half-square triangles and add 7/8 to measurement.
Cut a rectangle that is a multiple of both fabrics you choose (one light and one dark for contrast) EX: if your square is 3" then 3 7/8 x 4= 15 1/2" and 3 7/8 x 5= 19 3/8. From a 18x22" Fat Quarter you can have a grid that is 4 x 5 squares...
Here's how...mark diagonal lines across all squares in one direction. With right sides together pin each corner to prevent slipping. Now sew a 1/4 seam off each line...don't sew across lines :-)...pivot to next angled line and continue until all sides have a 1/4" seam...cut squares apart on drawn lines then cut again between each diaonal 1/4" seam forming two half-square triangles. Press triangles towards your darker side of fabric.
*HINT: (F&P) has a wonderful 1/4" ruler to use when doing this method if your machine doesn't have an exact 1/4 seam line. Enjoy!

Conversion Table when figuring cuts of fabric:
1/8= .125
1/4= .25
3/8= .375
1/2= .5
5/8= .625
3/4= .75
7/8= .875

Hope these tips help and I always say...Shop Local...Jennifer with Zig Zag has events and hours posted on her website...www.tattingcorner.com. She has new die cutting tools for designs and you can evan schedule a time at her shop to use them. Money saving tip!!!! :-)
Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hey...hope everyone is ready for an exciting "New Quilt-Year". I've recieved several "tips" on cutting half-square triangles. I do apologize for just now posting them but our internet has been extremely slow due to the weather. I will combine the tips and add a few of my own. Recently read on article on "Cures for Tri-Anxiety...calming your HST jitters" :-) Hope these tips make your projects go a little easier! Thanks for sharing!

*These tips are wonderful to use up some of your "stash" fabrics and works best with contrasting fabrics...
Cut 7/8" larger than your finished square triangle-square from each fabric.
Place right sides together and mark on the light side of the fabric a diaganol line from corner to corner...sew a 1/4 inch seam on each side and cut down the middle of stitching rows forming two half square triangles.
NOTE: I purchased a quarter inch seam marker by (F&P) which makes this method a breeze...inexpensive tool and usually you can catch it on sale!

* Press to the darker side of the fabric after piecing
* Cutting a square on the diagonal  can cause stretching due to cutting on the bias
* I like to finger press as I'm quilting...saves time!
* Always have chocolate in your sewing room...I agree!!!

Take the time to invest in rulers...you've worked hard on picking out the right fabric for your quilt so I know you want it to be as accurate as possible. Hope these tips help.
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