Friday, July 15, 2016

Lights On...No Action!...."Thank God I don't have a Parrott in my sewing room\"

Hey quilters....hope all is going well with everyone. It's not everyday that I share a "red moment" but feel my costly mistake may be a time-saver for someone else. And needless to say...officially old when you share moments like this and absolutely don't mind humiliating myself while doing so. Reminds me of my sweet Gramma Stetson always saying "learn by my mistakes". Well.....yesterday while working on a very important project, I go to my quilting machine to do the very detailed part of the quilting. Needless to say....two days earlier this week I had just switched out one of my machines on the same "sewing table". Yes, I am sure that I am not the only one that has more then one sewing machine and perhaps has a favorite sewing desk and shifts machines around in the sewing room depending on project...right??? Well, here is where I am so thankful that I don't have a Parrott in my sewing room...
I plug in all the cords...everything fits and lights come on my Husqvarna...all the "lights come on" and I go to start quilting and NOTHING HAPPENDS! What!...I just used you and you were not now...this can't be happening to me...well and yes a few other words kind a sorta "slipped" out of my mouth. Oh my goodness....I checked everything...cords fine.....actually cleaned out bobbin area thinking something might be in the way causing needle not to move. I did not sewing machine in on....all lit action. I kept pressing on the "foot control"...nothing! Yes, maybe some of you are already going..."I know what Cat did...that's hilarious! No it's not....thirty minutes later...yes, I realized that I plugged in the wrong foot control to my machine. Janome foot control prong fit my Husqvarna machine. Although it may not have worked that stupid thing fit! Needless to say....all my cords are now labeled per machine! I have 3 sewing desks and several machines so I don't want to ever go through this again! Oh my goodness...I have been sewing sense I was 9 and have never had such a stupid moment like this while sewing. Well...maybe sewing my pockets on the right side instead of the inside may come close :-) Needless to say, a few minutes of labeling foot controls will be a "time-saver" in the long run! But here's the thing.... pondering why it fit in the first yes... I did explore...a lot of my machines have the same prong attachment....go figure! #neveradullmomentinthequiltingworld! :-)

"Blessed Quilting from our Home to Yours"

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