Saturday, June 18, 2016

Aurifil Thread..."A Motivational Healer"

Hey Quilters....hope everyone is doing well and trying to stay cool in this heat wave. You may think the topic for the blog is odd but until you have been down in your back for several months and can't even sit or stand, well lets just say you look for things to inspire your healing. That's right...
Aurifil thread...
oh my goodness, the bright bold colors motivated me to heal, do what the doctor ordered so I can get back to my sewing machine. I was down in my back for several months recently and I would walk by my thread and talk to it...(probably shouldn't admit that but I'm sure I am not alone). Not being able to hardly walk or sit for so long was so depressing and frustrating. I needed to motivate myself due to not doing back injections again and deciding to do a topical pain reliever. I'm one of the fortunate ones that's allergic to pain meds. We finally found a compound crème that works wonderful. Only doesn't smell horrible and bees now seem to think they can "pollinate off me". Scary when you are allergic to bees. Anyway, my display of Aurifil thread, seeing those bright colors motivated me to keep focused. Especially when you know you have a long journey ahead of you. Don't get me wrong....I do physical therapy exercises everyday, use my pain meds, pray like crazy, but seeing something and focusing on a goal to help you heal faster worked for me. I could not wait to get back to doing my projects! It's still baby steps...I sit for about 15 minutes at a time...get up, do my stretches...cry and go never know what is going to happen so make the most of each day and cherish every moment! One good thing due to all my recent down time...I have some sweet inspirational designs coming soon. Amazing how mother nature can inspire you when you are forced to take walks :-)

Blessed Quilting from Our Home to Yours,
Facebook....I heard it through the quilt-vine

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